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The Power of Righteous Intent

Updated on February 14, 2012


I've just made a full recovery from an attack which occurred when I ran out of anti-anxiety medication. I cannot overstress the importance of believing in the righteousness of your actions. Our stalkers are pros at turning the "New Laws" against us by getting us: fearful, frustrated, angry, "down" and by DEMORALIZING US. It's easy to go ahead with an action, thinking of yourself as "the bad guy"........BUT DON'T. The true path to freedom, ability and positive thinking is a REFUSAL to let negative emotions bring us down. This is done by paying attention to what you are thinking/doing and seeing to it that you are doing your best to be as GOOD as you possibly can. This cleaving to that which is noble/heroic will make a HUGE difference in your ability to do things and your state of mind.

These guys claim to "own the night", and that isn't far from the truth. If you let yourself be moved by : fear, anger, shame, sex........they are able to control you with negative ideas/feelings/suggestions. You've got to believe in doing everything good with a seriousness commisurate with holding onto a lifeline to save your life. If you work hard enough to be good, negative thoughts cannot get in. The purity of your activities while working towards inherent goodness feels so much better than simply "getting away with it". Besides, they are always there to "beam" you later if you get away with anything. This way, there is no need to defy them to accomplish goals. Defiance, it seems is pretty easy to corrupt with negativity. You need a BETTER REASON to do things than mere defiance. Right now, I'm writing this to save lives.

I don't know exactly what made me aware of this. I simply decided to go out running. This had been one means to tout my ultimate control over myself. I took meds to help me with the intensity and more to offset the "beaming" I was getting post-workout. Unfortunately, this led to a tolerance to/lack of anti-stress medication. When I was good and out, they assaulted me with full-force. They gave me controlled nightmares of "aliens" eating my "powers" after depriving me of sleep for 3 days. This was followed by a "fake near death experience" where they made me listen to "Hotel California" followed by a fake heart attack. The truth is that I had believed that I had had "powers" to do things in spite of my stalkers. In fact, we ALL have a NATURAL RESISTANCE to this mind-control known as FREE-WILL.

Stalkers may give you a sense of "fake power" and then remove the sensation after a severe attack, leaving you "feeling powerless". They build you up just to make your fall much more intense. First the "power trip", then the attack/stripping of power. After an attack like this, I sometimes had to confront old routines as though I were a child who had never done them before. This allowed me to do the act with the same level of vigor that I had before. It is then that I realized a pattern to my life. I've been attacked multiple times and brought "down", but I got right back up and started life over again. They have even referred to me as a "Phoenix" (a mythological bird which rises from it's own ashes).

This attack was really no different, it was merely coupled with the idea that you could take a persons individual power away via psychological assault with spiritual/science fiction motifs. It turns out that the mumbo-jumbo and "alien" experiences are merely a SCARE TACTIC designed to inspire helplessness. These are just PEOPLE with a ton of knowledge about PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE. The whole "alien" trip is how they keep U.S. citizens frightened into compliance. I've been attacked by rhythmic chanting, too. It's all hogwash. It just is a SCARIER ILLUSION. Same with the simulated "alien invasion" of my mind. If you've never seen it, you can be scared/brainwashed into thinking that you are controlled/possessed by "aliens" or "The Devil". It pays NOT TO believe in such things. It just gives your attackers that much more leverage over you. When you FEEL INVADED, do whatever it takes to make this "invaded feeling" cease. I've gotten rid of it by thinking the most savage thoughts, praying and listening to music and taking a strong sedative.

After this attack, I seriously felt like I'd lost something. My cardio workouts sucked so badly that I quit doing them altogether. I'd been tricked into giving up an action which bolstered my faith in myself. A friend of mine who is also experiencing electronic harassment calls this attack on your "power routines" DE-PATTERNING. By shutting off actions which feed the individual will, the victim is more likely to give up on everything and begin obeying the fake feelings and thoughts that come in through the ears. Oh, by the way: Cymbalta is not an ideal drug to counter electronic harassment (unless you want to spend the rest of your life in bed). Zoloft is far superior in it's antidepressant/electronic harassment blocking properties. I just quit the Cymbalta altogether and I'm getting my energy back.

Today, I made a resolution to get back in the saddle and put in a high-intensity cardio workout. As I prepared myself to go, I began to receive high amounts of "energy" ("beaming"). This produces a rough-edged feeling of stress. I knew exactly what to do this time: I did every thought and action in the most inherently good way that I possibly could. This made the stress go away. As I drove there, I made a point of doing it exactly the right way........what the British call "In Good Form". Sure enough, I experienced no stress at all as I conscientously approached the gym.

Once I got there, things got tougher. The stress became a palpable adrenaline flood. I put on my music, stepped up on the treadmill and went to work. Unlike the other times, I didn't allow myself to become distracted from my goal. When I got done, they hit me with their "vertigo beam" which makes you feel as though you are going to pass out. I simply kept focusing on doing things "in good form" and allowed nothing else to occupy my mind. By doing this, I managed to avoid passing out as I left the gym. All the way home, I did the same thing: I focused on doing everything right: my thinking, my driving, what feelings I allowed in. Sure enough, the stress diminished and I was able to get home.

When I got home, I got hit with "The Max". My thoughts began to race and I felt a flood of adrenaline. For this I took 1.5 Mg Clonopin and two 15 Mg Abilify. I needed something to do while my mind was in this state, so I cleaned up the kitchen. In about an hour, all feelings of stress had diminished. This Abilify is one reason why I've managed to recover from this last attack so quickly: it SHUTS OUT unwanted ideas and enforces a stability in me that cannot be shaken by "them". I kept focusing on keeping my mind clear of all negative thoughts or "if - then" ideation (if I do blank, something bad will happen.......sound familiar). I wrote myself a blank check allowing me to ignore any and all negative thinking while keeping myself focused on positive thinking/feeling. Medications help, but the conviction that you are doing the best you can do is always going to be what ultimately saves you, propelling you through anything you need to get done!


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