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The Power of the Human Spirit

Updated on September 19, 2011

The Human Spirit

The true caring of people for one another has been demonstrated, time and again, in hundreds of instances over my lifetime. I watched my mother and father make great sacrifices for my sisters and I, over the years, as we grew up and became caring adults ourselves. I saw how soldiers went to war and gave their lives for their country and the families they left behind. The human spirit is strong and it has been shown over the ages. In Europe, the English would not give in to the terrible army that they faced. Many countries were overrun and occupied by hostile forces, but the common people would not allow the horrible threat to conquer their minds and spirits. They fought with every ounce of their being and with the help of the allies, they defeated this seemingly over powering enemy and ran it from their shores. World War Two gave up thousands of caring soldiers and millions of innocent people who died. Many of those who sacrificed their lives did so for their families and country. How could they have made a more human and loving gift than to die for loved ones?

When I hear of hundreds of caring people working days and nights to help save miners who were trapped in underground disasters and how they gave up their time and resources to aid these comrades, I feel joy in my own heart. I remember the small child who fell in the deep shaft near her home and how hundreds of people came to her rescue, even though it presented very difficult solutions to the rescue attempt. She was saved because of the human spirit and caring family and friends, as well as strangers in face, but not in soul. When I see hundreds of concerned people going to foreign soil in order to help victims of natural disasters such as earth quakes and floods, I am elated to see the power of the love given there. When people donate their hard earned money to help others in need and send clothing and needed supplies, I am reassured that our maker meant for us all to have a special seed in each of us. That seed is at the root of the human spirit that grows in time as the person grows in their lives. The essence is what our God sees and is joyful about his creation of Mankind. No matter that there is evil in the world, this power is inborn in each of us. We are walking and talking power houses of the human light that was put there in each of us from our birth.

When convicted felons who are sent to help severe disaster victims, and risk grave injury, I see the beauty of our life force giving to others. When I witnessed the fire fighters who gave up their lives for the people in the Twin Towers on September eleventh, I am once again strengthened that our creator has blessed us with this love. People of all races helped others and on their soiled and gritty faces amid smoke and chaos, tears streamed down. Tears of joy, tears of sorrow, and tears that showed people were brothers and sisters of the soul.

When I hear dictators of foreign countries who would kill others to enforce their regimes, not caring whether their own people are lost in the process, I feel hurt deep in my own being. I see an individual that has been given the power to help others and improve their living conditions, give the others up for his own greed and power. I have great faith in my own country, when I see how we come to rescue needy ones who are under such threats, and give of ourselves and needed supplies. The politics of the world is at times given up for true human caring. This gives us all reason to rejoice. We are thankful to our Creator that the evil agenda of a few bad people is not the standard for which we are all judged. We are given every chance to make the right and just decisions in each of our lives here on this earth. That inner peace is placed in all of us. We all have the ability to show our gratitude of life and true love of our fellow men every day of our lives. When we are given the gift to show others this inner beauty, we have truly been blessed. It is God's way of giving to us the gratification that what we do is pleasing to us and to him. Yes, the human spirit will always be in control of our lives, put there when our creator made us and saw that it was good.


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 8 months ago from United States

      This is the source of many poems that I have written. It is so engrained within my soul that I must let it escape in the best poetry I may muster.