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The Power of the People this election year

Updated on October 15, 2014

This election year as in past election years the power lies in the votes of the people come Election Day. This year like others is a critical point for the future of our country. The decisions we make as voters will impact the makeup of Congress and the philosophy which will be in place after the election. The current culture in Congress needs to change and it will only change if we make the right decisions who we elect to serve us in Congress over the next two years.

We are at a critical juncture in our country unlike any we have faced in the past. What we decide will impact whether government will have greater control over our lives or less dependent on the individuals we elect. Some say our votes as individuals do not matter but in fact they do. The principle of one vote can make a difference in election results. If you think about it there are hundreds if not thousands of precincts in each state and one vote in each of them can impact the result of any election. Sometimes elections are close and in those instances the one vote philosophy can play a significant part. Our individual votes are important if not critical in this election year.

We have let our government take the power from us as individuals we must retake that power through our votes. We must elect individuals who will honor the Constitution and give back control to our daily lives from the government. The power is truly in our hands. The fundamentals of democracy are strong in that the power is vested in the people not the government. Overall government appears to have lost site of the principles engrained in the Constitution and we must remind them of these principles through our votes and communications with our elected officials. A stronger, healthier democracy is one in which the voters are engaged in the workings of their government and where government listens to what they are saying.

One last point to make is that government is not the answer in all situations and some individuals in government currently feel they know what is best for us rather than letting us make our own decisions. Government does have responsibilities as identified in the Constitution and we must remind our elected officials through our votes of this fact. Currently decisions being made or not being made by Congress along with decisions being by executive departments are hurting our economy. Specifically one example is the restrictions on accessing our oil reserves located on government land. It has been proven in several states where land controlled by the states have opened up a robust economy with virtually low unemployment and high paying jobs in all industries located in the area. Government needs to remove these restrictions and we must elect individuals who will push for opening up these reserves. Legislation needs to be written if not already and passed by Congress and sent to the President for his signature. The power of our votes this year will go a long way to turning our economy around and getting individuals back to work. Let us make the right decisions for the future of our country this year as we cast our votes.


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    • Dennis AuBuchon profile image

      Dennis AuBuchon 3 years ago

      Dr Billy Kidd

      Thanks for adding your comments. The United States may be the biggest producer of oil products but we import millions of gallons of oil to help make those products. We can be the largest supplier of oil if the restrictions now in place were removed or at least reduced. This can take place if we elect the right individuals this year to represent us. I also think some if not all of the privacy concerns you have may be addressed.

    • Dr Billy Kidd profile image

      Dr Billy Kidd 3 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      You mention oil. The U.S. now is the biggest producer of oil products in the whole world, outranking even Saudi Arabia. So I'm not much worried about the regulations on production. Yet, I cannot see why the oil from Canada is being blocked--except that it's been politicized.

      You mention the Constitution also. I want to know what has happened to the right to privacy, guaranteed by the 14th Amendment. For example, I went to sign up for that upstart political party that was going to hold nominations by voting on the internet. I logged in. When I tried to register, the frigging thing ask me if I was the Billy Kidd who knew Kathy Brown. This was supposedly to help identify me. My girlfriend from 25 years ago? Give me a break. Nothing is private anymore. Pretty soon I expect to see my colonoscopy results published online!