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The President And the MSNBC hosts.

Updated on July 1, 2017

No Crime has been committed.

The key word here is "if"...; and if a threat to the "Morning Joe" pair with a "National Enquirer story" didn't occur, then no crime was committed by the newly occupant of the U.S. White House.

Donald J. Trump, the president of the U.S., has been attacked, lampooned, humiliated so much and very often by the hosts of Morning Joe, the MSNBC show, and were never libelous or character assassination or committing a crime, but a face lift story in response to the diabolical display of tomfoolery and abuse by the "fleshly morning face" of the woman; with the man, whose "beady eyes" made him look so brutally ugly, no female would want to date him for even a pastry class reunion, to appear in a tabloid was considered a crime, according to a Harvard law professor.

Some lawyers were not nice to businessmen for no good reason, except that their income was a bit larger their fees, and they would suggest that the behavior of the hosts of the show was fair to President Trump, particularly, or the American public in general. However, a tabloid news in retaliation to a bunch of politically rhetoric nonsense should not be considered as criminal by any standard, let alone by a doggone law professor.

The hosts of the show were there to express their freedom of speech, and that was what they were paid for; and by the same token, the President has the same right to defend and redeem himself in every way possible, when he was caught in the clutches of such idiotic people.

MSNBC was famous for a lot of good things in the past, but lately, it has become famed for its yellow journalism; and its feud with the president of the U.S. was a good example of that.

The president's rebuttal in a tweet to the MSNBC hosts' confused state of mind was his basic right to respond, and certainly not a crime.



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