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The Presidential Election Needs to be Talked About. We Need to Discuss Politics.

Updated on December 26, 2015

Talk About Politics

It’s really pissed me off in the last several years. Somewhere from the time I was a child and today, talking about politics has become a “no, no.” People no longer sit on their porch and chat with their neighbor about who might be a good candidate to run the country. Instead, it’s become a something that we should not talk about with others for fear of offending or arguing or starting something that might end up badly.

Someone said that the basis of a good political system is that it is messy. When we don’t talk about how we feel, oftentimes it doesn’t give us any kind of back board to throw our own thoughts against and then we actually don’t know how we feel about something. Instead, we think that we should feel a certain way or think that we should be doing something because our thoughts are private and separate from others. We don't think these thoughts because we actually want to, but because we aren’t sure how we feel and haven’t been able to test these feelings so we actually never know what we feel and only think we do.

Let's Get Passionate About Politics, Again!

I say it’s time that we start arguing and yelling and screaming simply to figure out what the hell it is that we feel.

Let's Make Our Own Change!

Politics has become something that is a “hush, hush” subject. I say we change that. I say that we bring it out of the closet and start talking once again on our porches and standing in lines at the grocery stores even if we don’t agree, so that we can figure out what is important to us, each and every one of us.

I’m going to start the conversation right here and now. I’ll start by saying that in 2008 I was one of the people on the streets, knocking on doors and proudly supporting Obama. I was one of his biggest supporters.

Once an Obama Supporter. Not Anymore

I am not an Obama supporter, today. I feel like he didn’t come through on any of the promises that he made to me as a voter. I feel greatly disappointed. The Obama Care has me absolutely, downright over the top angry. The thought that he has somehow made my taxes and healthcare bonded doesn’t feel right to me. I could go on and on about this, but the main thing is that I’m ready for a change.

I feel like politicians are just that. They are in the offices for a lifetime and they are part of a system that is broken. It’s a system that almost feeds on itself and doesn’t promote change. In my world, I see nothing that’s going to change in the current system and almost all of the candidates are just ready to contribute to an already bad system.


My politics have gone full circle and right now at this time, I am a big supporter of Donald Trump. I’m not a Republican, but if he gets that nomination, I will be voting for him. If the Republicans aren't smart enought to elect him, then I'll vote for him as an Independent. His agenda is fresh and addresses many of the concerns I’ve had over the years.

I’m not against immigration, but how did we suddenly get millions of Mexicans in this country that aren’t even a part of the system. You and I are paying for them to stay here and the sad part about it is that the jobs they take are literally taking the jobs from us. My husband and I used to own a landscaping service. We couldn’t do that service in many parts of this country today, because there are so many illegal Mexicans taking those jobs. I’m a legal American and that is really a big concern to me. Trump wants to build a wall. I lived in Arizona and a wall would be an added bonus. I’ve watched Mexicans come into this country without a Visa. Shouldn’t this be stopped? It’s our country. It’s the country of every one of many races of has decided to be here and not just come across the border illegally. I'm not Mexican, but have heard legal Mexicans express similar concerns.

I Like The Trump Stance on Many Things

Many of our jobs have been shipped overseas. I was relieved recently to hear that some companies are starting to hire Americans for customer service because of the complaints from their customers. I’m not against the idea of sharing the wealth. I’m not greedy, but the thought that we can’t find a job because some greedy company can get other countries to fulfill our jobs cheaper, really makes me angry. They are getting richer and we have to figure out a way to feed our family because they make more money shipping jobs overseas than paying you and me. (You should be mad, too!)

I’ve watched many of the debates with Trump and he has been said to say what is on his mind without thinking about it. Donald Trump has offended everyone and anyone that is worth offending. And that’s one of the reason I like him. I’m so exhausted with the polished; don’t say what you actually think way of being. Trump says what he thinks, good or bad, and then gives a good reason for saying it.

He’s not someone who holds a grudge, which is a healthy way of being. Fox News really gave him a tough time when he started his campaign. Within a short time, they are now one of his biggest supporters. (I’m not a big fan or Fox News, but can appreciate their open mindedness for a change of opinion. It shows growth, which is good.)

Let's Talk

So, there we are. I've started the conversation. Please don't give me your fears to continue this. Please think about what you say before you say it. I honestly want to know your thoughts on picking the next President of the United States and what concerns you have in the upcoming election.

Thanks for sharing.


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    • NikaWest profile image

      NikaWest 2 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Is anyone worth voting for as a Presidential Candidate?

    • NikaWest profile image

      NikaWest 2 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Yay. Let's put politics back on the table as a subject to talk about!