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Why You Need An Attitude Of Ecellence

Updated on July 28, 2016

Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers all had one thing in common: a prevailing attitude of excellence. So did great men such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr., a major pioneer of the civil rights movement. The collective attitude of these great men of excellence reached beyond boundaries and assisted in guiding our world into a direction of progressiveness in both technology and social improvement. Although constraints of failure, ridicule, threats and even death stood along the journey, a conviction of forwardness was the only option for these great men. This is the prevailing attitude of excellence: the determination to be unstoppable in the pursuit of the vision.

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An uncommon attitude of excellence can not be denied in our world. Without it no great achievement could exist. The comfort of our lives today are owed to those who set course decades or millennium ago, whether in religion, philosophy, science, technology and and social progress.

The Supreme Qualities

Those who possess such dynamic attitude of excellence are determined to leave a legacy in the world. They possess these qualities:

  • Divine objective-a sense of destiny which has originated beyond the knowledge of this world.
  • Self-discipline-must uphold a vision not only beyond one's self but one that supercedes one's own life
  • Uncommon Resilience-must vow to be unstoppable regardless of opposing people, circumstance or conditions
  • Contemplative-the act of pursuing great depths in thought regarding a vision that will influence the entire world
  • Great self-image-must love who your are as a divine being and know your purpose on earth
  • Great energy-extra reserves of energy are activated by a passionate and an obsessive pursuit of a dream

The above qualities are supreme. To acquire these qualities empower you to embark on a seemingly impossible journey requiring innovative initiative, a concept that will transform a society beyond what is traditionally thought impossible.

Making a Difference for Mankind

People with an uncompromising attitude of excellence never stop pursuing the idea of perfection, although he knows that they will never reach it. All things can be improved upon forever. Nevertheless, his main intention is to make a difference for mankind, to be an eternal mode of excellence.

In the Home

In the home, an individual with an uncommon attitude of excellence expects nothing less of his family, including his children and his spouse. He teachers the benefits of excellence to his children daily. You see this in their character and in their academics. Usually, they are a blessing their parents and teachers. He treats his wife with excellence. She appreciates him and fells good he will always be around.

Great Insights for Futrue Planning

Preparing for Our Tomorrows: Succeeding by Maximizing the Preparations of Life
Preparing for Our Tomorrows: Succeeding by Maximizing the Preparations of Life

Greatness begins with wise planning. There is no substitute for having a sense of certainty in every area of our lives. "Preparing for Our Tomorrows" gives you the advice you need to make important decisions on the journey of life.


In the Workplace

In the workplace, a group of employees with a prevailing altitude of excellence will make the boss fell fortunate to have them on board. They will be trusted to help take the company to another level of progress and innovativeness. Because they is contemplative in his thinking, the company will prosper from many creative ideas. The customer base will flourish beyond the competition.

In the Community

In the communality, a citizen with a prevailing attitude of excellence will be widely known among his or her neighbors. He is not afraid to challenge the status qu o. For a great cause, he will engage the city or state government without reservation. She will fight for the rights of the community, for better infrastructure, business growth, housing and job creation, no matter how long or hard the battle may be. In the end, the opposition will bow and the people will be granted benefices of their rights to a life of comfort, progressiveness, security and peace of mind.

Call to the Ordinary Citizen

Although we do not seek our own glory, an uncompromising attitude of excellence will also transform us into great men and women, if we are willing to embrace it. The world needs such people today. The uncertainty of the family, including divorces and rebellious adolescence, the onslaught of drugs and violence into the community, the fear of the economy and the threat of terror and war-all call for men and women with an uncommon vision for society. A prevailing attitude of excellence is not a characteristic of government leaders. The attitude calls to the ordinary citizen: me and you.

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