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The Process of Finding Mental Space

Updated on February 5, 2011

The Process of Finding Mental Elbow Room

      I woke up this morning with that high-pitched ringing in the ears and a feeling of mild lethargy.  After the proper medications and my music, my attitude became positive enough to overshadow the clingy mind-control funk.  There's always someplace your mind can go where it's more comfortable.  The key is getting it: 1.  Out of the influence of the auditory messages being used to hold your mood down 2.  Do something that allows you to focus the sum of your energy on it, leaving no room for head-games or emotional issues.  This purifies the mind of the toxic subliminal messages - allowing you a shot at enjoying yourself (another thing that really interferes with brainwashing).  Once you obtain this state of efficient mental autonomy, do everything in your power to lock onto it and make a mental habit out of it. 

     You must be maximally emotionally insensitive.  No thought, feeling, subliminal suggestion should be able to faze you.  Given the gravity of our present situation, all personal problems and emotional hangups simply aren't important enough to warrant any concern.  We've got people walking around like zombies being told exactly what to think and do.  We are given the Liberty of putting all our: fears, insecurities and psychological needs on the back-burner.  If you have been Lucky/Smart/Good enough to make it this far, you have reason to feel VERY GOOD.   

     There's ALWAYS something you can do mentally to wriggle your way out of the evil clutches of social programming.  You've got to be as slippery as an eel, crafty as it gets and WIN-ORIENTED to find these "comfortable mental places".  Change your:  neurochemistry, attitude, response-patterns (none is usually the best response), STYLE of thinking and mental-strategy.  We live in a Psychic Arena in which we must continually wrestle for control of our own MINDS.  Mental activity performed in unusual ways will throw the "thought police" off your scent.  If you are thinking in a way that they haven't mapped-out, they won't have the right stimulus ready to induce the "down" feeling necessary to render you malleable to being programmed. 

     Because "Necessity is the Mother of Invention", placing ourselves in situations that demand us to be functional are VERY GOOD for preventing brain atrophy.  These guys make it difficult to:  get out of bed, take a shower, work-out, play video games or read books.  The smallest negative stimulus SEEMS like the most daunting thing.  This is an ILLUSION.  The only way to make this clear to yourself is to force yourself to do whatever task demands you overcome this feeling.  Otherwise, your weaknesses will form an ever-tightening circle around you........leaving you bed-bound and increasingly depressed/agitated. 

     There is ALWAYS a crack in the maze of invisible mental obstacles, all you've got to do is FIND IT.  Try and think of what your favorite hero would do.  This empowers you to cause the series of mental events that "think outside the box".  Maybe you wouldn't think of a solution, but you can bet a Hero become the hero and you'll find that you are more capable than you thought.  This also works because it changes HOW YOU THINK.  These guys have a carefully-catalogued record of trends in your thoughts and behavior-patterns.  To ESCAPE, you must do something that they haven't predicted about you.  Thinking AS THOUGH you are somebody else gives them a real headache.  NOTE:  when you are proving difficult to get ahold of, one of them will often say "Oh, my head hurts!",  refer to your thinking as "static" or "chatter", say "It's Cold in here" or complain that they are tired.   These are all good signs that you are shutting them out. 

     It helps to get your mind in MISSION MODE.  You pre-program your own mind to carry out functions which are your #1 priority.  NOTHING gets in the way of the objective:  not minor aches & pains, no emotion, no reservations, no hesitation, no distractions.  I often go as far as to think of myself AS THE MISSION.  At this level of dedication, it will be very hard to disrupt these pre-programmed actions. Succesful completion of activities which YOU mandated (not someone else) in the face of:  irritation, pain, negative concepts, even psychic insults will instill a sense of CONFIDENCE in you.  This means you have grown MENTALLY STRONGER.  Your mind is freer and less easy to manipulate.   

     Sometimes, it is wise to simply do things the way a much earlier version of yourself would have done.  We've all been somewhat weakened by this constant programming.  I often ask myself:  "What would the Old Thor do/think/want?"  Because emotions like anger only leave us open to be emotionally-manipulated, we've all had to become much more cool-headed.  I think each of us, given the opportunity to think/do anything they wanted without reprisal/punishment would probably go after this system with a great deal of resentment and vengeance.  You've got to refine this explosive resentment into a longer-burning fuel.  You may not be able to feel as mad as you could in a free society, but you can REFINE it into something more: intelligent, patient, dedicated.  I face the possibility that the things I do may not significantly effect society in this lifetime, but that makes no difference.  Something has to be done about this.........I find myself in a position where I can help out and I'm going to do my very best toward that end. 

     In conclusion, we have all the mental tools we need to forge ourselves into unstoppable weapons on a mission to attain mental freedom for everyone.  The need for such a cause is obvious:  things are so screwed.  Make your mind a formless, outward-pushing, freedom-seeking liquid entity to slip through the cracks in the system.  This will free you to find that "comfort spot" in your mind where you can think FOR YOURSELF.  Devise exercises or tasks which require you to think and act against the stimuli being used to hold you down.  this will make you MORE RESISTANT to being wirelessly brainwashed.  Lastly, the seriousness of the present situation justifies the ignoring of any and all emotional/physical distractions.  By doing these things, we hone our minds into weapons of social-reform.    


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