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The Quality and Reliability of News Coverage

Updated on October 15, 2011

News coverage and its quality and reliability will depend on the source reporting it. There are many fine news organizations and journalists reporting news events every day. They do not necessarily need to be part of a media organization as they can be freelance reporter providing information related to specific issues. This is an important distinction. We tend to think of news coverage being generated by a media resource but this is not always the case though many journalists are part of an organization.

Quality of news coverage depends on not only the content being reported but the way it is presented. We as individuals and as journalists have a responsibility to not only report on news events but to do so with accuracy and reliability. This does not mean that we cannot interject our own opinion on the issues involved but we must also identify both sides of the issue and supporting data for each position.

News coverage today involves a multitude of media organizations and with that comes competition. This is a good thing for the public. It provides opportunities see various types of coverage dependent on the organization. What should not happen is one news organization criticizing the coverage of another unless the information being reported is not complete or accurate. Though we may not like it, it does happen. The reason for this in some cases appears to be the ratings received by one organization or source over another.

Another aspect of news coverage is the reliability of the information presented. This is important in that the public deserves to have accurate and reliable information on which to make their individual decisions about the issues presented. News organizations and journalists should not try to sway the public to one side of an issue by only reporting certain information which may not be complete. All information and facts need to be presented so informed decisions can be made, especially with the upcoming election activities.

News organizations and journalists have a responsibility to the public to present the facts accurately, responsibly and reliably. This responsibility needs to be taken seriously and many organizations and journalists do just that. There will always be some who while they may not do so intentionally do not accomplish this responsibility. The media does have an impact on the lives of those who access their information and on the country. What that impact will be depends on the information they present and the way they present it. It is important in all news reporting whether by news organizations, freelance reporters or journalists that the information being presented be complete and reliable. When this is accomplished this activity will have a positive effect on the ability of individuals to make accurate decisions on the way they feel about the issues of the day.


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