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The Race Issue: From My View

Updated on April 6, 2012

I Wanted To Explain Myself...

Even since the Trayvon Martin case was publicised, there was a lot of backlash from the media and within the black community about the injustice. That injustice stems from the fact that George Zimmerman is still free, at least physically anyway, while one young man is dead. I've read some other Hubs that questioned either Trayvon's or Zimmerman's innocence and to me, some of the Hubs and some comments that were made (including mine) almost seemed as if it was going to turn into a black vs white issue. It frustrates me because at least in my Hub, even though I was mad when I wrote it, my intention was not meant to promote anything other than justice and that the concept of race was designed to further segregate rather than unite as one.

The Only True Race Is...

Not black, nor white, nor Latino, nor Asian. The only true race, which I stand for to this day is Homo sapiens sapiens. For those who do not know, human life began in Africa. What ultimately created skin tones, eye and hair color, nose structures and lips was that thousands of years ago, some human beings left Africa during the Ice Age and evolved into what was known as people of European, Asian, and of Spanish (not necessary people born in Spain) descent.

What Created The Racial Divide?

There were various ways in which racial divisions formed. Some were formed to justify certain means to an end (enslavement of Africans). Some were made to as a result of a possible threat to their "race" (anti-immigration laws against Mexicans and protest in the Southwest and anti-immigration laws against Asians in the 1840s). Within those justifications, stereotypes began to form of particular "race" (i.e. All black people are on "welfare" and high-school dropouts, Mexicans are poor farmers and they are all drug dealers, all Asians use opiates. Also, all of the stereotypes also claimed that the males in these races are raping white women). These stereotypes eventually form into an ugly web of prejudice and racism.

Why African-Americans Never Seem To Let It Go?

Part of the reasons why African-Americans could not let go of this whole racism issue is because it is still relevant today in terms of disadvantages. And what are those disadvantages? School systems in black neighborhoods, justice system and certain issues pertaining to the workforce. In addition, racist attitudes and stereotypes against people of other races in terms of certain television and movie roles, expressions and actions still occur today. Do not get me wrong: there is also individual responsibility in terms of the means of "doing something in life" as well as being able to help oneself. However, there are some who simply do not know how and live in neighborhoods that often does not offer support either at home or school. I can write a whole hub about it, but I will save it for another date.

The Point Is:

Race in itself is a VERY sensitive issue. I would say that instead of stating that someone is racist, someone who judges someone else because of skin color is more so prejudice. Racism is about having power and influence. And some people do not understand the difference. As someone who is about to turn 23 years old later this month, I have experienced racism as well as some prejudices people have had against me because of my skin color and so have others around me. I do not have anything against people of other races due to these issues. I do want people, whether they are black, white, Asian or Hispanic, to understand that racism is still relevant today and that people should not shrug it off as if it does not exist, because in reality it does.

A Possible Solution:

Is that people need to realize is that we are all human beings of different shades, eye color, hair color and textures, cultures as well as different shapes and sizes. In addition, like I have mentioned before, people need to stop shrugging off racism as if it does not exist. It is a lot like covering up the fact that there is a personal crisis (i.e. death of a loved one) in your life. You cope by partying and drinking into oblivion. You keep doing this on a regular basis and then the problem you have turns for the worse. If that person does not realize the extent of their own self-destruction, it will progress to the climatic stage, which is the point of no return. The solution would be is that the individual needs to deal with his or her issues, no matter how painful and unpleasant it will be. Same with the race issue, but in terms of the individual and collectively as a group (remember the example I provided also affects other people). There has to be acknowledgement of this issue in order to understand and in order to heal and promote peace rather than resentment and hatred. And also, for people (who are discriminated against) to also take part in forgiveness and understanding. After all, life is not worth living if an individual holds on to hatred. I know this a lot easier said than done, but we can only hope for the human race, right?


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    • shaynadc89 profile image

      Shayna Cacho 5 years ago from Brooklyn, NY, Living in Delaware

      @AnnaCia...Aww thanks! I definitely appreciate it!

    • AnnaCia profile image

      AnnaCia 5 years ago

      Shaynadc89. Congratulations on your hub. It is very insightful. Thanks for sharing.

    • shaynadc89 profile image

      Shayna Cacho 5 years ago from Brooklyn, NY, Living in Delaware

      @HSchneider I totally agree with you in terms of the younger generation. The media is definitely having a field day with racial issues especially with Trayvon Martin. They hype people up and it doesn't solve anything but promoting more racial tension and worse...a race war. If people could understand these issues, then a resolution would be reached.

    • shaynadc89 profile image

      Shayna Cacho 5 years ago from Brooklyn, NY, Living in Delaware

      @LHWritings I definitely agree with aspects of racism involved in the Trayvon Martin case. Racism runs deep in this country and some people simply do not want to face these facts. But that cannot be avoided and that has to be dealt with by acknowledging them

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      I totally agree with you, Shaynadc89. There is still a lot of racism in this country though I believe our younger generations become progressively less racist. We definitely need to discuss these issues openly and not sweep them under the rug every time another incident occurs. The media loves the ratings boost but never digs deeper into this long lasting plaque. i wrote a Hub about this a few months back after the Shirley Sherrod incident.

    • LHwritings profile image

      Lyndon Henry 5 years ago from Central Texas

      Very useful comments. I've voted this Up and Useful.

      I'm not black (I'm an "other"), and, in generally agreeing with you, I concur with you that it's not purely a "white vs. black" issue -- there is lots of basic injustice involved in the Trayvon Martin case. But I do think racism is very much involved, and very much woven into the social fabric of this country. Perhaps I can explain later ...