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The Real Meth Culture: True Stories of the Methamphetamine Subculture of Cooks and Users

Updated on November 3, 2009

You May Not Be Able to Handle the Truth!

Media lies and inconsistencies along with governmental infuencing of those trying to educate the masses on the ill effects and consequences of methamphetamine use have spurred me to intervene with a truly factual account of meth and how it intertwines itself far into the lives of those who, often blindly, immerse themselves into a subculture of use and manufacture of methamphetamine. People have yet to experience a television program that accurately depicts the full truth behind becoming a user of meth and in fact, much of the information served to the masses about meth has been tailored to depict the very worst possibilities as everyday occurrences in meth culture. The facts presented here, in this hub, come from over eighteen years of actual accounts of people who cook and use meth. The accounts come from varied locations ranging from San Jose, California, through to Daytona Beach, Florida and many points in between. Exciting and unbelieveable to sad and unexcuseable events in meth culture will be told without exageration so readers might understand more thoroughly the true effects and consequences of possibly allowing meth into their lives. There will be laughter and there will be tears for those who follow the postings here. Most of all, readers will gain the truth about meth from actual members of a culture fast becoming popular in every city in the Union. Get ready for an entertaining adventure into a world seldom spoken of and never understood in true light.

Names of the people involved with each of the following stories, of course have been changed but the events and outcomes of the persons spoken of will always be of true fact and accurate to the fullest degree.  None of what is recorded here has been influenced by outside agencies and depicts real unedited experiences of citizens involved in meth culture and/or its topics often inaccurately described through television and movies.  Meth affects people in various ways, causing various outcomes for different people.  Never assume you can accept or manage for yourself what meth has caused in the lives of the people described here as meth's effects for you are truly unpredictable as is the speed and strength of the addiction to meth that will surely set in with all users.  The objective of this article is to straighten out some discrepancies in past informational media and possibly bring to light the level to which Americans can be misinformed or misled by those governing or influencing media content.  Fulfilling entertainment and providing a higher level of understanding of meth culture to readers through accurately humorous depiction of past events are the expectations of the author.  Remember this is non-fiction writing and although humorous and often outlandish, readers should consider the following stories seriously as examples of negative effects of drug use.

Sue, Devon, Janet and Gypsy; The four greatest dumpster divers alive today!

     Well established in the culture of those who partake in the use of methamphetamine,  dumpster diving professionalism had developed in each of the following people's lives through their pseudo-need of shiny objects acquired for free.  Shameless and often bold advances on people's garbage often led to overstuffed closets and garages for each of these users.  "I can get you one of those," was often the reply to their friends expressed needs and the delivery of that certain special item was usually achieved through hours of jumping into commercial dumpsters or driving a communities streets the night before garbage pick-up.  Methies love shiny objects and if it can be acquired for free it satisfies some meth induced desire to find or acquire. 

    Sue had been a user for over three years and was well aware of the treasures available in the depths of some particular dumpsters, particularly the dumpster twenty five feet from the front door of her apartment on the west side of Vegas.  Returning home from work, sue's boyfriend discovered the entire contents of an apartment surrounding that very dumpster, obviously the by-product of a recent eviction.  This boyfriend had never expected the events that occurred upon his telling Sue about the items discarded by the cleanout crew.  After glancing, briefly, out the door of her apartment, Sue disappeared upstairs only to return dressed like a worker from 3 Mile Island.  Black hip waders, green elbow length gloves, a yellow rain slicker and shop goggles in place, Sue disappeared over the side of the dumpster like a scuba diver over the edge of a boat!  Bursts of paper and other household garbage from the dumpster revealed sue's whereabouts inside and then, after a brief pause in her adventure, "Hey, come get this!  Hold on there's more," Sue's muffled voice excaimed as her astonished boyfriend looked on.  "Take this inside and don't let anyone take any of this stuff, it's mine!" she stated while sliding a dilapidated ironing board to him from within the walls of the dumpster.  While carrying the discolored and well worn item towards the apartment, Sue's boyfriend stated he couldn't believe what he was seeing and couldn't be a part of it.  An hour later Sue's already over furnished apartment looked like an unshopped second hand store with little room for movement.  From a blender with no lid to a once expensive chest of drawers with no drawer pulls, the entire array of furnishings abandoned at the dumpster had been moved inside of Sue's apartment where they would all remain stacked and unused for the next year and a half.  As for sue's boyfriend, he had quit seeing Sue within a week of the dumpster incident that she admitted was part of a ritual she engaged in weekly. 

     Down in Central Florida, an old hobby of Devon's was named by his close friend.  "You ought to get a sign for your house or the back of your car that says -GONE CURBIN."  Mitch spent thirty minutes driving the streets of the Shores trying to locate Devon whose wife had told him he was driving around the neighborhood "lookin' for stuff."  Devon's attic had been packed to the rafters with portions of the curbside garbage leavings of his community for two years already and since meth entered his life  a year prior, he filled his garage and two econoline vans with items not becoming of those unsold at the worst of garage sales. Daily meth use had allowed for Devon's development of a system of driving the Shores certain streets on certain nights prior to the garbage pickup and always on Monday mornings folowing the last day of weekly garage sales.  Deeply afflicted with shiney object syndrome, Devon's mastery of curbside pickup left little for other fellow methed up curbers.

     Janets meth supplier often times came out of his home only to find that Janet had been weeding his front flower garden for hours already in hopes of a morning wake-up or promise to come shop her backyard flea market of illicitly acquired items.  Some fifteen tables of previously discarded items littered Janets back yard and were well known for supplying unfixable, broken or damaged items that were over priced as if she was unwilling to sell them.  In tears because her boyfriend had earlier took off with her bag of "shit," Janet cried , "If you'd come check out my sale, I could afford to come buy some shit."  Her dealer would say,"Janet, I've told you before, you can't just come do my yardwork whenever you need a bag!  Thanks but GET THE FUCK OUTTA' MY GARDEN AND CALL ME BEFORE YOU COME OVER!"  He had already loaded up his storage shed the night before with quality items from the king of dumpster diving.

     Gypsy had lived a good life afforded by the spoils of dumpster diving over the last twenty years since his first hit of speed in an after hours club in Daytona Beach.  Four nights a week Gypsy would follow a meticulously planned path to various dumpster sites throughout the coastal cities of Central Florida.  With UPS-like promptness, Gypsy's loaded sown Jimmy or Astro Van would quietly roll onto his meth dealers property nightly to lighten the load and acquire a sack of the most potent and sought after meth product available.  Shoulder lengthed black afro like hair topped with a black magician like top hat was the standard image for Gypsy and as if like a carney directing people to the carnival's oddity attraction, he'd guide his dealer out to the over packed and stacked vehicle for first choice of the nights findings.  Squeeky, rubber duckies, a pair of furry paddles, and a plastic stick topped with a little hand and suction cup was all Gypsy indicated he had interest in keeping and his dealer never asked.  Gypsy, too, had a mini flea market in his back yard but quality was number one and meth induced obsessive compulsive organization made good use of the table space. The funny thing about it was that nobody ever remembers Gypsy hosting a garage sale!  Call it hoarding or call it fringe benefits of self employment, Gypsy's quality collection of pristine products was always open for viewing.

     A Grand Canyon helicopter pilot, a successful window tint specialist, an ex-heroin junky, and a carnivalian biker gone diver, each of the above mentioned persons owe their love of trash and the urge to dig through it to lengthy habits of meth use and an often several days of sleeplessness. Mostly harmless but illegal, dumpster diving and curbing are common integral habits of many meth users and collection of worthless items coupled with with a sudden ability to fix anything can strengthen their ease in valuing what most will call junk.  If it is shiney or can be made shiney, don't worry, if it's in your garbage, some dumpster diver might find it, try to fix it, and then call it theirs.  See the greatest collection of oddities! Step right up!



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    • profile image

      emhty octane 

      3 years ago

      All I found were stories about dumpster diving. I have spent 30 years in the meth culture and it's almost gone, thanks to ice. I would like 2 hear more varied tales. There's more to it than.garbage.

    • profile image

      carolyn northern bc canada 

      6 years ago

      wow !I live in northern british columbia and its the same here meth heads love of everything shiny sparkly and free broken or not lures them into the dumpsters !

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Int chemesty mint

    • profile image

      kendra terrence 

      8 years ago

      whoa how weird.

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      The first of many incredible true sories to come in this hub will be posted on 11-3-2009 before 12:00am


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