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The Real Socio-Political Reason s and Problems Why the US-Mexico Border is So Dangerous That No One Will Admit

Updated on May 16, 2011

The US-Mexico Border is Dangerous!

Anyone who lives near the border between the United States and Mexico knows that the border is getting more and more dangerous. Drug cartels are increasing their firepower and corrupting local law enforcement and politics until it seems like nothing can be done to stop the imminent peril of all those heavily-armed criminal gangs on the border, ready to kill anyone that hampers their ability to make money from the illegal drug trade.

We Have Been at War Since Reagen!

How many Americans assume we are at war in Iraq and Afghanistan and maybe Libya, and forget the constant civil war that is tearing border communities apart? Ronald Reagen declared war on drugs in the 1980s, and ever since our nation has been engaged in escalating conflict with increasingly dangerous individuals that profit from the high risk activity of smuggling illegal drugs into the US for the underground economy of drug dealers and drug users. For over twenty-five years, that war has cost billions of dollars, and countless civilian and law enforcement lives. Whole communities in rural Mexico disappear under the weight of the violent drug cartels that casually toss aside human lives like chattel.

What is the System That Creates These Dangerous Organizations?

A gang leader is made, not born. No child is predisposed towards the dramatic level of cruelty and human suffering that is needed to create a violent gang leader at the head of a drug cartel. The system has created a risk/reward equation that rewards deadly, dangerous, high-risk, nihilistic behavior. The reward for the risk is very high. Impoverished children in Mexico look to their community to see their only path to success lies with the drug gangs.

To succeed in a gang social system, children have to grow to become ruthless, dangerous, and violent adults. That's what their system will teach them. No other path to rewards is apparent: kill, or be killed.

In this system, what do we expect? When we engage their communities as a "war", we are going to see the quick rise to power of dangerous men who are willing to cross boundaries and innovate in their brutality. These deadly risks come with a very high reward when the drugs are sold in the streets of America.

It's Our Fault!

American drug users, and American drug fighters are to blame. Between these two forces, the demand for drugs is full of users who will do anything to get their next fix, and the supply of drugs is driven down by the drug fighters, who tirelessly work to secure and reduce the number and quantity of illegal drugs in America.

The deadly Mexican border is our own fault! We've made this problem! What steps can we, as a nation, take to fix it?

Increase the Supply, to Stamp Down the Violence

There's a lot of different ways America could increase the supply of drugs to undermine and destroy the influence of drug cartels. The most obvious method is to simply stop fighting the war on drugs. We've declared war on an idea that is uninterested in our desire to be at war with it. Unfortunately, this is impractical and will do nothing to remove those dangerous drug cartels from power. At the end of the day, the system has produced some very bad men, and removing them from civil society along a path of justice and law is probably a good thing. Frankly, as a Republican, I find it sickening to think that these evil, murderous, corrupt men would be allowed to continue to live in society just because we, as a nation, don't have the willpower to continue pursuing them.

How else could we increase supply?

Simple: The largest dealers of drugs in this country are doctors and pharmacists. Prior to the laws that converted dangerous substances into illegal drugs, doctors had the authority, with pharmacists and professional organizations, to offer prescriptions for drugs.

I propose a system that allows self-identified "drug abusers" to label themselves as such in the system of medicine. They will take ownership of their own fate, and through the supervision of a doctor that will attempt to offer counseling services and recovery help, the self-identified "drug abuser" can receive prescriptions for the substance that has them under its control. People are responsible for what they put into their own bodies.

Pregnant women would need to be arrested and taken to treatment facilities if they attempt to take drugs while pregnant. Social welfare services need to be alerted early that a person is identifying as a "drug abuser" to make sure the children of these households are kept under supervision.

And, allowing drug users to access their poisonous substances in a controlled and contained manner can raise the tax revenue through sales tax on the drugs that the government needs to pursue those evil murderous and corrupt cartels to the very gates of hell. The United States of America is blessed to have the greatest law enforcement and military personnel in the history of the world, who can do more in every way to make communities safe from threats local and foreign. By altering the rules in the war on drugs, truly making it a war on drug dealers instead of the men and women who are sick because of their terrible addiction, we, as a nation, can finally secure our Southern Border.


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      Dexter Yarbrough 6 years ago from United States

      Excellent hub! Voted Up, up, up!