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The Real Truth About Organ Donation And Organ Mercenaries: The Black book On Organ Donation

Updated on January 5, 2016
Heart Transplant
Heart Transplant

Needing Organ transplant

Many people who become terribly ill and in need of organ transplants have to be placed on an extremely long waiting list. A waiting list which which seems to be more of hope and faith than real possibilities of getting the right organ. Lets look at factual data regarding people who are waiting for organ, people who are receiving organ vs how many organs are available. According to OPTN (Organ Procurement and Transplant Network) There are over 120,000 on list waiting to receive life saving organ transplant, and that data is real time up to January 2016. There were just over 25,000 transplants which had performed from the period January 2015-October 2015. Then lets look at something quite shocking, there are just over 12000 donors as of January 2016. If you do the math, you would realize that the difference between people waiting to receive organs and those willing to donate is a whopping 90%. If you are a realist you must see from these stats that most people will not get organs and probably die waiting.Unless of course you are the elite and filthy rich.

Lawful Organ Donors
Gods blessings to those who willingly give up their organs freely and those whose family are even compensated for the dead relative organs. Lets look at the brief steps in Lawful organ donation:

  1. Decision is made
    When you are alive, you must first decide to donate your inner workings (organs) to people in need of them.
  2. Organ Donation Form
    Then upon making your donor decision, you must sign a document to verify that you are willing to donate your organs when you die. You can specify if you are leaving your organ to a particular individual or just to the general public for research or education. The form is very useful as it eliminates doubt by loved ones after you have passed: The form helps in three major ways.

    • You want to specify which of your organs you are willing to donate.
    • You want to make sure a certain individual to receive your organ donation.
    • You want to make sure loved ones honor your wishes
  3. Grim Reaper
    You simply wait until you are dead and your inner machinery is taken apart piece by piece, heart, liver, kidney, etc.

Organ Priority, Who Gets What and When

When organs come in, it is not announced on a PA system. Doctors and hospital administrators have to look on the ever so long waiting list which consist of more than just your name. The list tells the following information about the patient:

  1. Health Status
    How badly in need are you of this organ donation. Will death hack the soul out of you in the next day if you don't go under the laser or knife today?
  2. Time on Waiting List
    Yes, some people have been waiting from new years to new years just to get an organ, if the hospital thinks they have strung you out long enough, your case may be looked at. But that does not guarantee that either health status or waiting period will definitely allow you to get an organ, why? You need a matching organ.
  3. Matching Organ
    You cant just take any heart or kidney and simply stuff it in any ones body, stitch them up and send them home. If you did, you have just committed murder. There must be certain criteria to follow first:
  • The blood type of the donor must be compatible with the recipient
  • HLA Testing, HLA stands for human leukocyte antigen. When someone receives a organ, they may experience what is called organ rejection where the body still sees the organ as a foreign object and refuses to work with it. This can be very bad. HLA testing tries to match up antigens in organ and recipient as close as possible.
  • Cross Matching
    As the name suggest, cross matching is when blood from the donor and the recipient is mixed. Once the recipient cells starts to attacked and kill the donor cells, then the cross match is then considered a positive one. This means that organ and donor is incompatible. If both organ donor and recipient blood fuses without conflict, the cross match is negative and therefore the organ can be used in the recipients body.

But with all that is mentioned above, there are those of us who have no business on waiting list and may do sinister acts to obtain organs needed.

Does The Elite Wait

Do you believe that if some very powerful oil tycoon's son get sick or some president for a nation needs a kidney he will be placed on a year long waiting list? If you said yes, i would love to live in your world of candy coatings. What happens is that most of the time you don't hear about these people needing organs because if that was broadcast and then the next week they got one, many eyebrows would have been raised and families of people who have been waiting for weeks, months and years would cry foul. So what they do is simply keep the organ transplant covert. So if you were waiting on the same organ for a year, they would just go get that organ and do the operation on the elite while you are still waiting thinking no organ is yet available. But if they do not have the organ, well, see the picture of the guy below!

Organ Mercenary


Organ Mercenaries

This is where organ mercenaries comes in. There are a group which operates underground which are contacted by some people who are very powerful and have friends in high and even low places. The job of these organ mercenaries is to take out people who have matching blood types and harvest their organs to be sold to the rich in need. Mercenaries do not just go out and take out random people and then test the blood type. Medical records are screened and certain people are hand picked by top underground administrators to be taken out. This credential is then passed to the organ mercenaries. When they pick out individuals to be taken out they normally look at certain properties of the target. Properties such as, is the person of any importance to society, community etc, does the individual have family who cares about them, then they give the mercenaries the targets address and they agree on a time of the take out so ambulances will be on spot to harvest the bodies. These ambulances are indeed part of the network and when these bodies are collected, they are brought to specific morgue for the organs to be quickly retrieved. If you did your own independent research, you would see many intercity youths who claimed to have been killed in gang war or police killings. Many have been buried without organs. Guess who are some of the mercenaries?

Missing Street People

It's a sad thing when you are homeless and discarded like a piece of trash in our streets. There are millions of homeless people in the world, yet there are so much free land available. But what is even more devastating is the fact that hundreds of thousands go missing every year. If You take a detailed look at the report Missing People , you would see the amounts are staggering. However, not all who have gone missing have been kidnapped or taken out by mercenaries for simply organ donation, but thousands do. Many go missing for natural reasons such as they don't want to be found, they are kidnapped and sacrifice for rituals, they are paid to be sacrificed or become a donor. Yes, if you are one of the fortunate who have not been hunted down like a stray dog by organ mercenaries then you may have the opportunity to be paid. So here is how the contract goes for paid organ donors or sacrifices.

The elite contacts you and you both make a deal. The deal may stipulate that a certain amount of money be transferred to a bank account where your loved ones will be able to access the funds. In return, they get to sacrifice you or pull out couple organs. If you ever visited the underground world, this is common assault. It is just like a surrogate mom, getting paid to deliver flesh.

Organ Harvesting A Billion Dollar Industry

People do everything to make money, some maybe lawful and some maybe unlawful. One thing to remember is that no matter how they sugar coat things to us, the law is not given on a straight road. If you take the left turn you would see the law stops at the elites feet. Most laws were simply made to control the majority of earth population which seems to get out of control and expose their savagery once the big stick is lifted. Just like drugs, selling organs is a billion dollar industry and as more people take little responsibility for their health and the leaders and business people continue to flood our shelves with poisons which we gladly consume, you will find that many will get sick and in need of strong medical attention, they may just need an organ. So my advice to you is that if you see any stray bodies lieing around that is freshly dead, try and see if you can harvest a few organs, if you don't someone else will.

How many of you have seen a movie called the repo man. Repo is short for repossession. What this guy is is a organ mercenary with a little twist. This movie is set in the future where people who get ill may purchase their organs on credit. The operation is done and the ill person is up and running after receiving said organ. But if you fall back on your payments for, say your heart! The Organ Mercenary will simple come and hunt you down and rip it from your chest, secure the organ, bring it back to the facility where it is reused, pretty much like a car or home. Don't think for a minute this is just fictional story folks. Do some digging, talk to certain people if you can and you will be shocked to know what goes on when your eyes are closed!

Would you donate your organs to help others live?

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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 17 months ago from Southern Illinois

      This is terrifying! I read that the poor in India sell their kidney's daily just to put food on the table for their family. I would like to think my organs would help someone in need when I die.

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 17 months ago from Nibiru

      They will always exploring just don't let the mercenaries get to you first

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 17 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Cool freaky tale you weave here. Just like a good lie it has to have some truth to it. I gotta watch Repo Man. Intriguingly disgusting. As always, you make reading fun.

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 17 months ago from Nibiru

      Hey eric, you betta watch those lungs and kidneys.....yuh just may never know!

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 17 months ago from Shelton

      my goodness clive, you do come up with topics that make one think... interesting and terrifying as well Jive Clive...

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 17 months ago from Nibiru

      Hey frank....these things are happening and will continue to happen as many people who may read this think it is just science fiction or a tall tale.

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