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The Reality Of Women's Rights

Updated on January 27, 2017

The Reality of Women's Rights

A 21 year old Muslim woman wakes up before dawn. Her body aches with from the beating her husband gave her the night before. The man old enough to be her father accused her of looking at another man, and beat her with a cane when she tried to defend herself. After doning her burka, she goes into the kitchen to fix her husband’s breakfast. Her back aches with child number two on the way, and she prays to Allah that this one will be a boy.

This woman was sold into marriage to repay her’s father’s debt when she was thirteen. Her first child was born when she was sixteen. She will never legally be able to own a driver’s license, vote, or hold any land or money. If her husband wants to, he can separate her children from her. She will never be allowed to go to college, go outside without a male escort, or have any freedom whatsoever.

Meanwhile, I, a 21 year old woman, wake up early as usual. Not because my boyfriend has commanded it, but because I want to. I shower with hot water, dress in warm clothes of my own choosing, get myself a cup of fresh coffee and something healthy to eat, and because I work from home, sit down at my desk and begin to work. The cleaning I do around the house is to help my family because I want to, not because I am beaten and made to. I bake fresh, homemade goodies because I want to take care of my family, not because it is my duty.

Legally, I am able to vote, hold land, money, and my own possessions. No one controls what I do with my body. I have a college education, can walk outside whenever I want, and have all legal rights that a man does.

Thousands of women marched the day after Trump’s inauguration. Cries over Trump’s global gag rule spurred accusations of our President being “sexist” and “revoking women’s rights”. But the vagina costume wearing masses need not be too afraid, Roe vs Wade still exists.

According to the Huffington Post, “President Donald Trump on Monday reinstated the “global gag rule,” an order that bans organizations in other countries from providing information about abortion or offering abortion services if they benefit from U.S. funding”. What that boils down to is this; if you want an abortion, you will pay for it yourself.

So while women in other countries are being beaten into submission and punished for speaking their minds, many American women decided to dress up like their lady bits, march in the streets carrying lewd signs, and talk about blowing up the white house. Talk about classy. You all have made America look foolish as a whole. And no wonder your abortion-loving, email-deleting Hillary lost the election. You want a reason why Trump won this election? Go look in a mirror.

These “marches” in no way reflect how I feel as a woman. This march, at least in America, was not about women’s rights. It was a hissy-fit over the fact that you have to pay for your abortions yourselves. And you know what? I think that’s a damn good thing. Maybe if you can’t rely on your government to pay for your unwanted pregnancies, you will learn to keep your legs shut. Now you can call me corrupted by men, or that I am sexist against women, but the fact of the matter is I at least have the self respect and moral decency that so many women in America lack.

So as a fellow woman, I encourage every single American woman to take a look at her life. If you have all the rights that I have, and you do, I can assure you that you are in no way oppressed. Now, if you want to advocate for women’s rights in other countries, there are many charities out there who are in need of help. Charities like the International Rescue Committee are looking for volunteers and donations to help rescue young girls and women held captive and forced into slavery. Instead of marching in the streets, hang your vagina costumes in the closet, and actually do something productive to help women’s rights. We have ours, now let’s help them get theirs.

Note: If you would like to learn more, or to donate/volunteer with the International Rescue Committee, click here.


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    • profile image

      Sanxuary 10 months ago

      The real battle is to have rights for everyone. We have real issues with Individual rights. We have real issues with women having the rights of equality and the rights to be women. Hardly spoken of is the fact that even men are being denied any rights in most of these arguments. In all of this is the destruction of family. Abortion is the issue of if unborn children have any rights. I think abortion is a poor choice when it comes to womens rights. Equal pay and treatment top my list. Actual womens rights to be women is health related and the denial of services for women. Mens rights start right with the unfair system of child support, alimony and the rights to see or have their children. The system is horribly bias and severe enough in many instances to constitute state slavery or servitude. There are radicals on all sides destroying the real cause and the real problem from ever becoming solved. To ban abortion requires a constitutional amendment that protects the unborn. To get it you must grant exceptions for rape, the possible death of the mother if she has the child, and in some cases a child who will never survive. You also must provide all people access to birth control. No one seems even capable of meeting somewhere in the middle. There is no reason to deny women equality or the services women need. There is no reason to punish men for being dumb enough to get married and have children. I do know this argument goes both ways but mostly towards men but none of this should be so excessive that its no surprise that the suicide rate for men has gone up every year since enforcing child support became the new welfare system. If men got to decide if you should have an abortion or be a slave to the state we would probably have no kids in this country. Never mentioned in this country are the number of people killed in these disputes over children and child support. Every horrible story its never talked about but I could bet its better then half. The next time you hear about a family slaughter you might hear about the most untold story in this country. So far it has cost 3 police mens lives in domestic disputes so far this year in my State.