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The Reality Series: Help!! I Am One of the Envious

Updated on July 30, 2017

Continuing from where we last broke off, on the topic of the people who might envy you for whatever reasons, it could be because you are pretty, more intelligent, have that brand new shiny red bag or just plain because you are alive while they probably aren’t. It could be as heinous as that you are a woman and they are not. Or that you are religious and kind and they are not. They could be addicted to drugs, while you are not, they are probably married to a crazy fat guy who just likes to lounge around or a very thin guy who is insane and takes drugs, while you are not.

Be happy with what you have, if you are not get rid of it

It is a situation where you are in hot waters, you don’t like the turn your life has taken because of decision making that could have been more sensible. And for that reason you envy every other person who seems to have found solace in his or her life. First of all, be happy with what you have, try to look at all the positives of the situation, (there are no positives if the person is evil and encourages or forces you to be evil) try to live with it or just get rid of it if you can. If you believe that you are better off without a certain person or a job or any project that you regret, you can always get rid of it and start afresh. Have a plan and enough resources at your disposal before you make a drastic decision but if your partner or the project is particularly evil, get rid of it asap with as much planning as possible, do not think about what will happen.


Don’t put yourself in a position where you envy others

It is very important to set standards for yourself, achievable noble ones and to achieve in a right manner. If certain something does not meet your standards of quality that you have set for yourself then do not indulge in that thing. A compromise in very important matters can cause heart ache for the rest of your life. Important matters should always be weighed against a stringent scale. Determination is required to keep to those standards, make sure you cultivate the important qualities within yourself to achieve your goals. You are definitely better off without a drug addict husband or the one who just likes to watch TV all day long.

Terrible conditions can be temporary

There are people who are disheartened just by the sight of a hurdle in the path to their dreams. The hurdle can very well be temporary, learn to differentiate if it is or you should just swerve to a different lane. The point is, many problems that people face in their lives pass if tackled properly, if a person has the will power, the adversity will most likely pass, or will exacerbate. Make wise decisions, learn to bow where you need to and stand up straight with your head high where you should.


Cultivating patience, that is tricky for a lot of people. The key to being patient is 1. Strict moral values 2. A well sought out hammered out ideology towards life, 3. The fruit of labor.

These three ingredients create a very solid sense of patience in a person. Where a person’s moral values are strong, the distinction between right and wrong is actually accurate which barely is in today’s world, patience takes over by itself. Moral values emanate from an ideology, research to get it straight, look for it like a miner looks for diamonds. And then visualize the ultimate fruits of all the hardships.

All that glitters is not gold

What makes you think that the jewellery she was wearing yesterday was actually gold? What makes you believe those are diamonds, they could be rhinestones. Getting envious just for the sake of envy is not quite the right thing to do. Do not torture yourself over things you don’t know, you don’t know many things, many facts, it is sensible not to jump to conclusions about jewellery, food, bags, makeup, art, clothes, it is very likely that person is wearing his friend’s shirt for instance. It is possible that he or she is wearing hand outs to amass admirers for other people's evil ends. Make sure you assess the person and the trends before you follow them. It is quite possible that his or her own closet is as empty as a bottle of vodka in the presence of an alcoholic.

It is very possible she comes home with an empty stomach, some gluttonous family members and an even emptier fridge.

Every person has problems

The world is a testing ground, it tests with military precision. The patience in the face of terrible black magic, the fortitude in the face of heinous criminals, the bravery in the face of the most hideous trials, dignity in the face of crushing poverty, honor in the face of a gun barrel, confidence in the face terrible ugliness. No person is free from his own problems.

Put yourself in the shoes of the one you envy

Sometimes people actually reach a position of power, influence and respect because of their sheer hardwork, wisdom and patience. Why don’t you put yourself in their shoes and understand the process that they have gone through to be where they are today. Success does not come flying out of the skies, out of nowhere, it comes from deep inside a person’s broken soul.

Know your status and your circumstances; live accordingly

It is very important to do a self assessment. Who am I? Am I respectable? Am I in a respectable profession? Am I a good person? And act and live accordingly. If a person is living a life of prostitution, they should not think of themselves as the queen of the entire peoples, instead they should understand that they are used and discarded for people's evil desires. A respectable person deserves to be respected and evil one deserves to be destroyed.

I hope it helps people with an acute case of painful envy deal with it. Learn to walk in the shoes of the patient, walking on burning coals and thorns, with a vision, with confirmed knowledge that the results of this will be astoundingly profoundly in your favor and even more terrifying for the ones appending thorns in your way.



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