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The Recycling Facts That Everybody Should Know

Updated on October 5, 2010
Recycling Facts
Recycling Facts

Scientists and environmentalist have been warning us for years that there will come a time where in we will need to step up in a big way in order to save the earth since it is already beginning to die.  

Even though this may appear worrying enough, it still needed numerous big-budget documentaries so as to drive individuals to reuse and recycle.  

If you are one of those who find themselves so hesitant to help save the world by recycling, then here are a few recycling facts that you ought to know. 

Studies show that if an entire country uses water-efficient appliances, then that country will be able to save 3 trillion gallons of water every year which is worth $18 billion.

If you don’t turn off your faucet every time that you brush your teeth, then you’re already wasting 2 gallons of water each and every time you brush.

Studies have also shown that those old toilets which were made before 1992 use 3.5-7 gallons of water every single flush which is unmistakably higher than the 1.3 gallons of water that toilets nowadays use.

Probably the most ignored recycling facts are that a few gadgets still consume electrical power even when they are switched off. This is because those digital devices that have digital displays such as VCD players, consume 5% of the total yearly electricity usage of a place which is equivalent to around $8 billion if they are left unplugged.

You will also get to save 17 mature trees by recycling about a ton of paper. Additionally you will be able to reduce the pollution in the air by a massive 74% and additionally reduce normal water usage by 50% should you recycle paper products.

You can even earn extra cash by reading the recycling fact below. 36 billion aluminum cans were found in dumpsites and landfills in the past year and if these cans got recycled, it was estimated that they were worth $600 million.

Also, if all people in a specific nation perform everything they can in order to save metals, then that nation can conserve as much as $3 billion per year.


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