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The Regressive Left’s Theatrical Response to President-Elect Trump

Updated on November 17, 2016

Dear teachers, dear social justice warriors, dear regressive media, dear impetuous pessimistic Keynesian economist - (Paul Krugman) no the world is not going to end because Trump won the presidency, no we’re not gonna be hit with a great depression as Krugman so horrifyingly put it, and no Ana Kasparian not all women who voted for Trump are “fucking dumb” so stop emotionally generalizing and start doing your job as a reporter. And professors stop perpetuating this false narrative and distorted media hype which got us here in the first place - counseling for the Trump win? Really? What personal, psychological, or social problems has Trump bestowed upon us students which we need help for? Is it the psychological pain of words from constantly keeping our eyes glued to mainstream media? You mean that problem?

The following day after the elections Krugman like other regressive-left journalist felt an urgent need to rush to the internet to spew their usual over-dramatized fear mongering, and as always Krugman was quick to jump to conclusions, “If the question is when markets will recover, a first-pass answer is never,” he said; rightly so he later acknowledged his statement as absurd yet continued to internalize his irrational view; in his popular New York Times column Krugman makes his mindless view clear from the start, titling the op-ed “Thoughts for the Horrified” Krugman inflames an “end of the world theory” which will result due to President-Elect Trump, “We might not make it” says Krugman; it seems like his only support for backing up his claim is climate change, as if Clinton would’ve been a saint for the problem (supporting the Keystone XL, promoting fracking, supporting offshore drilling, taking oil money for her charitable foundation, etc.), “now it will probably fall apart [Paris Agreement] and the damage may well be irreversible,” states Krugman; he makes it seem as though Trump has it out for climate change and is maliciously planning to pollute the world, yet he fails to explain why it would fall apart? Why will the damage be irreversible? Please explain Krugman, was it because Donald went on a silly twitter rant four years ago, amusingly typing “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive” A tweet which has clearly been over-reported and consistently denied after by Trump himself.

Moreover, Krugman goes on to scare young millennials even more, Trumps win is “apocalyptic” as he puts it in his latest column, according to him Trumps presidency will be having everlasting effects, it will “last for decades, maybe generations,” he says. Krugman goes on to incite the race-baiting narrative which has been perpetuated by mainstream media from the start of Trump's campaign, helping cause this tension divide which we continue to see spotlighted in the news, he states, “We could see a slightly covert form of Jim Crow become the norm.” Jim Crow? Krugman I really don't think Trump is in favor of segregated marriage, segregated hospitals, segregated barbering, segregated restaurants, segregated buses, segregated sports, etc. yet apparently constantly denouncing the KKK - shouting at them at his rallies, and consistently making it explicit that he’s against racial divide isn't enough for these incoherent uninformed liberals - just 3 days ago Trump made it clear on 60 minutes, “They’re harassing Latinos, Muslims” says Lesley Stahl, “I am so saddened to hear that and I said stop it!, I'll say it right to the camera and say stop it!,” Trump responded.

America does this really look like a racist man to you?
America does this really look like a racist man to you?

Krugman goes on to talk about intellectual honesty, the irony is comical, Krugman states, “And once we’re talking about intellectual honest, everyone needs to face up to the unpleasant reality that a Trump administration will do immense damage to America and the world.” Intellectual honesty? speak for yourself, as a reporter from a worldwide credited newspaper immediately writing that a global recession was imminent as a result of the Trump win is a perfect example of intellectual dishonesty.

Furthermore, the teachers at UMass seem to be following suit with this fear mongering rhetoric, on November 10th following the elections the University sent a pity pessimistic silly email, clearly showing their bias against Trump by writing out an over dramatic letter to all the students, playing into this false BS “end of the world” slippery slope argument - nonsensical rhetoric surrounding a man that has nothing to do what our daily lives. The email clearly played into this SJW mourning, I would not be surprised if it was written by one.

The letter starts off by implying the Trump win has emotionally and personally affected students, “We know that many of you have been actively involved or, at the very least, been personally or emotionally involved in its outcome.” The president has zero effects on our daily lives, yet the school has the logic to suggests we have been personally or emotionally involved by Trump’s win. The letter goes on to state, “We recognize the need many of you may have for reflection and decompression,” why would you find it necessary to “recognize the need for decompression” the antonym of decompression is a worry or an irritated, are you implying that Trump is an irritated to all students?" Yeah I'm sure if Hillary was elected they would have wrote the same, yet similar to the rest of the journalist I’m sure the writer of the email impulsively went to the computer right after seeing the election results, as did Krugman and many others.

The email then goes on to scream for safe spaces - a so called “welcoming” “respectful” place but in reality aggressively restricts free speech, “We know that some of you may need space to discuss the outcomes of this historic election,” in other words we need safe spaces to take out our Trump rage aka “love” according to SJW’s.

The university then lists these idiotic silly safe spaces provided around campus that could in effect relieve our Trump stress,
A quiet reflection space is available all day in the Interfaith Center...including the weekly Catholic Mass.” Oh yes, let's pray our troubles away, let's pray to Jesus that Trump does not end up deporting the 36,000 illegal felons, essentially putting private prisons out of businesses; moreover, if we're going to pray to Jesus for anything let's pray that these SJW's don’t have kids so they don’t end up abusing their children just like their parents did to them, creating even more SJW’s.

And if you're not particularly a religious person, “Doggo, the therapy dog will be available for sessions,” Doggo coming in clutch to ease your Trump worries, creating a more “balanced and less stressful life” I think you have to book in advance however, this dog must be getting more love than ever now that Trump has been elected.

And if you really feeling psychologically, personally, or socially ill because of President-Elect Trump the school is offering counseling, their available to meet students on both a walk-in and appointment basis, and don't worry it’s confidential so others don't have to know about your hate for Trump, which i'm sure you rather keep secret.

Does the president really matter?

While its very easy to get wrapped up in the long presidential election and false rhetoric of the president being the “most powerful man on earth,” most fail to recognize that in reality the president has no effects on our daily lives, economist know this and most agree that they have no effect whatsoever, Freakonomics really makes this point clear in one of their episodes titled, How Much Does the President Really Matter? “If I look at what a president does and how they spend their day and I try to translate each of their actions into an affect on the economy it’s hard to see how they have much affect at all,” said economist Justin Wolford. Moreover, the truth is presidents are more like “someone who’s sitting in the copilot seat in a plane that’s already on autopilot,” said Economist J.C. Bradbury, making this analogy to show that they don't have much control at all yet still necessary, for the time being at least. Most people simply look to vent their problems on a single higher authority, which to them is perceived as the “most powerful human on the face of the earth” therefore having all the control over their lives; in other words, a type of Mommy aka nanny state.

So in conclusion mainstream media, professors, SJWs stop scaring the public and falling prey to what got us here in the first place; if it wasn't for mainstream media’s horrid reporting, if it wasn't for the SJW and their silly childish protest, and if it wasn't for the teachers inciting this "Trumps a racist misogynous end of the world" nonsense Trump would not be elected, he probably wouldn't even win the primary ticket. Yet the Left seems to still not understand this and continues their childish tactics, resorting to playing the blame game.

While I am by no means happy with the presidential election results, I can say that I am happy Hillary is not our next president; the genius 11 year old Matthew Schricker put it best while on CNN, “I really think that listening to a few bad words coming out of Donald Trump is a lot better than people getting blown up by terrorists, people getting burned alive, people heads being chopped off, and people getting drown.” Matthew Schricker for president 2040!


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