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Donald Trump Is The Republican Nominee

Updated on March 5, 2016

The presidential elections cycle this time around has been as volatile as the stock market has been since the beginning of the year. Maybe there is a correlation. Most pundits should have been out of a job by now for wrongly predicting Donald Trump's political demise so many times.

They usually save face making additional outrageously wrong predictions; after all, most of them would reflect out loud "it's an election year no one can predict what's going to happen".

I could. Seriously! In November 2015, well before the "Bernie Sanders' revolution" began to take shape, while Hillary was battling the emailgate saga, I was able to ignore the noise and accurately predict that Hillary will be the Democrat nominee. After crushing Bernie in South Carolina and a sweeping victory on Super Tuesday, the pundits are now coming out once again to predict Hillary's inevitability as the nominee. Bernie' supporters would say that the verdict is still out.

In the past I did not spend much time analyzing data to predict political party's nominee; this elections cycle however, the populist rise in both parties warrant the exercise. As such, on February 23, 2016, before the Republican Nevada caucus, I declared that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee. Such prediction was met with ridicule but after the Nevada Caucus result and the Super Tuesday sweep by Mr. Trump, it becomes obvious (even by Trump's opponents, challengers and foes) that Donald is on his way to become the nominee.


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