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The Republican Party has abandoned the middle class

Updated on February 9, 2012

Don't forget the middle class

As a conservative it is difficult for me to criticize the Republicans, however the GOP has abandoned their roots and left the middle class out in the cold. I used to believe in the American Dream, work hard and you will achieve success. These days I work harder and harder however I seem to get poorer every year. This is the case for many middle class people, inflation, taxes, fees and health care have taken a bigger chunk of our hard earned money.

I am not going to go on a tangent about class warfare and taxing rich people more. I do think the rich pay their fair share of taxes. My biggest complaint is about corporatism that has run amok and the Republicans reluctance to do anything. Corporations have abandoned the American worker, they choose to make goods outside of the country at a cheap price and sell the product back to us for huge profits. While the U.S. still has a large manufacturing base it has declined over the years. In fact employment in manufacturing is at its lowest point since 1950.

This is why I have no faith in the Republican Party, it seems they would rather turn away from the unemployed and the middle class. They falsely assume corporate America is going to save the day if there are certain tax cuts or less regulation. Global trade has opened up many business opportunities for American companies, while it has been a boon for corporate profits the workers have suffered a great deal. Big corporations are not patriotic and will open business where labor is cheapest. The American worker cannot compete with Chinese workers making a dollar and hour to produce goods. U.S. companies that get most of their revenues from Americans should be employing most of their people back home or face greater taxation. Sorry Apple, I love your product however your business practices overseas are deplorable and you should have a higher standard. Let Americans make the Ipad and Iphone given the tools and resources we are far more innovative and resourceful.

My message to the Republican Party is that you cannot win an election and beat Obama if you do not help and support the heart of America. Big corporations that employ huge work forces overseas ought to be taxed accordingly. There is no reason why they can't manufacture more goods back home in America. Given our freedom, entrepreneurial spirit, highly educated and skilled workforce the American worker can produce the best products at a reasonable price. So to those aspiring politicians out there lets get America back to work.

I actually agree with some of Ralph Nader's points


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