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The Republican War on Women Is A Myth! It Is All An Illusion! Republicans Love Mom and Apple Pie!

Updated on November 12, 2012

The War on Women Debunked! Republicans Stand With Women!

Despite what you have heard in the news lately, the Republican party has not been waging a war on women. Republicans have tried to limit a woman's right to access family planning services, outlaw abortions, and redefine rape. They support laws that would make it more difficult and more expensive for women to get mammograms, pap smears and other cancer screenings. The GOP has introduced and supported such legislation in the U.S. Congress and while even in the states, there have been over 900 laws concerning reproduction and women's health care brought to the state floors, don't let that fool you.

No one wants to limit the rights of women. The votes and statements made by Republicans are just an illusion...

In spite of voting against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, Republicans surely support equal pay for women because they say they do. Former Michigan Congressman, Pete Hoekstra, now a GOP candidate for Senate, just feels that "the law is an unnecessary nuisance". Corporations would never dream of denying women equal pay, so who needs a law? Willard Romney has called Republican Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, his hero. Maybe he missed the fact that the hero has signed legislation in his state to get rid of the protections that this federal law provides, but insists it has nothing to do with being against fair pay...

Women in 2012 are still making, on average, 77 cents for every dollar made by men. That adds up to alot of money missing from the lives and families of women. The picture below illustrates quite effectively what women could do with that money.

What Could A Woman Buy If There Was No Pay Gap?


No Minimum Wage Protections For Anyone, Not Just Women...

Republicans are also opposed to minimum wage laws, but that has nothing to do with gender, right? Granted, almost two out of three workers earning minimum wage or below are women, but the GOP desire to abolish ANY wage protections does not target women at all.

Job creators could certainly hire more workers if there were no minimum wage laws, and Republicans say they want more jobs. If only there were no pesky minimum wage requirements! If only those nurses and teachers and cops and firemen and all the other worker bees would take jobs for less than $7.25 an hour, why, we might be able to have full employment. We, as a country, could even compete with third world countries in the area of job creation. If women were really patriotic, they would want, as Republicans do, no minimum wage protection.

Health Care Misogynists? No Way!

The GOP also says they do not seek to deny women basic preventive healthcare, they just vote to deny it. Republicans would never wage a war against women because Republicans love women. That is a fact, as any self-respecting Republican will swear to. All you have heard or seen that suggests otherwise is simply a figment of the underactive, hormonally-controlled, left-sided brain dysfunction that afflicts so many women. It is a serious medical condition that compromizes logical thought. Simply put, women's brains do not work as well as the Republican male brain. Because women are so ill-equipped to analyze and correctly process information, they are unable to come to rational conclusions (that left-sided brain dysfunction) and women, therefore, need the direction and paternal guidance of the more intelligent gender.

Republicans have actually stepped up to protect women from themselves. In fact, the GOP in Kansas and Arizona are seeking to protect women so much that they are trying to pass laws that allow doctors to lie to patients about the health of their unborn children if they think that the knowledge might influence a woman's decision to seek an abortion. Republicans realize the need to protect women; Democrats, naturally, stand opposed to that protection.

As far as health insurance, Republicans believe that a practice known as "gender-rating" is okay. Sure it is! Insurance companies in the individual private market (how Republicans love free market healthcare!) charge women higher premiums than men, sometimes up to almost 50% more. But that is because they are women. It can't be helped, especially when the Affordable Care Act is repealed on Day 1 of a GOP presidency. Pre-existing conditions, besides the condition known as 'being born a woman', also include being a victim of domestic violence or having had a C-section, will all be A-okay. Women don't need health insurance anyway, and if women would just get married, or stay married, they could get insurance through their husbands' policies. So to all the single women out there, it is certainly not as if you have no options under the GOP. Just get married!

The GOP is full of heroes, not misogynists. Only misogynists would vote against a law designed to protect women from domestic violence, right? Not at all; simply an illusion. The GOP has refused to reauthorize The Violence Against Women Act, but they have done so only because they love, love, love women. Some might suggest that all of this love for women might just kill women; but again, just an illusion.

Loving Married Moms Alot!

The National Rifle Association, that bastion of conservative ideals, gave their thumbs up to Ann Romney, and cheered her for her choice to be a stay at home mom. See, Republicans love moms. Stay at home wealthy moms are respected and revered by Republicans, but if memory serves me correctly, poor moms who might want to stay at home with their kids are called "welfare queens".

The fact that Ann Romney travels the country speaking to women is a great thing! That way Willard doesn't have to waste his time dealing with over half the voters in this country. He simply doesn't have the time. He is a busy man, much too busy to cultivate women voters on his own. Ann is Willard's "Gender Vendor". She is trying to sell her husband to women voters and next to raising 5 children, this is probably the most difficult job she has ever had, because women don't really like him. At least that is what we hear... Probably not true, because what's not to like? Willard has agreed with everyone on something, at least one time or another!

Depending on the day, or the audience, Willard will certainly say something that you can agree with, although by tomorrow, he may take it back! Poor Ann!

The one thing that you can count on with Republicans, even with Willard, is that they will always agree that the best way forward is to lower taxes-- not for everyone, but for the wealthiest of the wealthy businesses and individuals only. And that helps women...

While Ann has to explain to women simple things like the fact that The Bipartisan Policy Center states that the Romney-Ryan budget proposal would decrease funding for job-training programs, low-income housing assistance and decrease funding for food stamps, Medicaid and Pell grants, her husband is busy telling his wealthy supporters about the $4.6 trillion dollars in tax cuts that he and Ryan propose to give the wealthy.

This all helps women, right? Helping women is most likely the reason that the Romney-Ryan budget cuts Head Start programs, too. I haven't heard Ann, the Gender Vendor, explain exactly how these things are woman-friendly, or child-friendly, for that matter, but I am sure she works hard...Besides, you simply cannot afford trillions of dollars in tax cuts for the wealthy AND help for people who are at the poverty level.

Republicans like Willard, believe in self- deportation -- or is it self- de-poor-tation? It's all good for women.

Add all of this up and you must conclude that there is no Republican War on Women. To believe otherwise is to fall victim to illusion and myth, or that affliction known as left-sided brain dysfunction.


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  • CM Sullivan profile image

    CM Sullivan 6 years ago from California

    Thank you for the compliment Jillian! Coming from you I am honored. Your son sounds like a guy I would like to have a beer with, lol. I guess I don't beat around the bush too much, but it does anger some people, I know. I glad you love it though!

  • Jillian Barclay profile image

    Jillian Barclay 6 years ago from California, USA

    Dear CM Sullivan-

    Thinking you are probably around the age of my son- reminds me of you- which is a great compliment- he is one of the best men I have ever met. He believes in social justice and equality, and like you, cuts through the BS and just tells it like it is.

    That will take you far! Don't apologize for "the little ramble", I loved it!

  • CM Sullivan profile image

    CM Sullivan 6 years ago from California

    @Alex Longo. Damn dude, read the article before you comment. There is no way you read it and did not see the beautiful sarcasm seeping through the cracks of every paragraph.

    Members of the GOP have repeatedly stated how they have some sick longing for the fifties. At the core of that is the GOP nostalgia for the nuclear family. What does that entail? Oh yeah, women at home cleaning and cooking, waiting on tiptoes for the man to come home so they can service him. It's disgusting.

    What was so great about that age? The men all alcoholic assholes with the women hooked on mommy's little helper (valium). The guys drank all day, even at work, the woman would even meet the husband at the door with a highball. She would have to plan her whole day around pleasing the man and keeping his house clean and making sure he wouldn't have to even see his kids after work for more than supper (which she would cook, making sure it was his favorite).

    This was all described in an article by Good Housekeeping I believe, on how to be a good wife in the fifties. This is the perfect age the GOP pines for, if that is not hatred for women I don't know what is. I for one would hate for my girlfriend to be some kind of slave/valium robot. I like her being the proud, independent, smart, capable woman she is, who is equal to me and everone else.

    Why does the GOP want to push us back to the stone age on everything? Last desperate push for the "good ol' days" before the only GOP guys who remember them end up in nursing homes having their asses wiped by gay nursing assistant Tito. Who by the way, won't give them any more time of day than any modern woman would now, no matter how much foot tapping they do.

    Awww, too bad GOP guys, not matter how much you want to send women's rights backwards, it will never end up like the days when you could just grab intern's asses and rape your assistants without there being anything they could do about it. Awww, the good ol days for Republicans. I bet it makes them reach for their blood pressure medication just thinking about a woman in the White House.

    Great hub Jillian. Sorry for the little ramble, lol. You always write truth, hit the nail on the head and get me going. The GOP is scared of the next step in these changing times; true equality for women.

  • The Frog Prince profile image

    The Frog Prince 6 years ago from Arlington, TX

    I'm an Independent so I don't speak for the Republican Party and they don't speak for me, not do the Democarts. I learned long ago to speak for myself unlike some that I won't name. But I do know I love my Mom and I can take the apple pie or leave it.

    The Frog

  • Jillian Barclay profile image

    Jillian Barclay 6 years ago from California, USA

    Thank you, d.william,

    I don't understand how Republican women can defend the actions of the GOP, either. It sickens me to think what will happen if we have a Republican legislature AND president at the same time. The Ryan budget, which they all support, will devastate not just women and children, but everyone, even the Republican electorate.

    Thank you again!

  • d.william profile image

    d.william 6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

    Absolutely loved this article. It made me laugh and made me cry at the same time. I saw on the news the other day that the GOP is now stating that they do not, nor ever have had a war on women, but the Democratic party is trying to make it look like they have. Doesn't that make you laugh your a-- off?

    It is truly disheartening to see women in the G.O.P. party defending their actions against their fellow sisters.

    With all the GOP attacks on women, gays, Latinos, immigrants, the poor, the middle class, education, etc., etc., if they actually do "WIN" the presidential election it will be the biggest hoax (thrown election) in the history of this country.

  • Jillian Barclay profile image

    Jillian Barclay 6 years ago from California, USA

    Dear Alex Longo,

    I had hoped that my attempt to 'defend' the GOP would be seen for what it was, simply a facetious ruse to point out that there is a real war on women. If you have read my articles in the past, you would realize that not only have I been called foul names by the right, but that I have been threatened with an armed escort to purge me to Cuba...


    Dear UnnamedHarald,

    Hot DAMN is right! I love your comment...

    Dear cathylynn,

    It is scaring me, that's for sure!

    Dear Jesus Was A Socialist,

    The Republican party, in my view, would be perfectly content to have a theocratic government run by evangelical Christian mullahs. In fact, you are right---it is what they desire more than anything...

    Your last paragraph -- "America’s primary international enemy—Islamic radicalism—insists on government by theocracy, curtails civil liberties, embraces torture, represses women, wants to eradicate homosexuals from society, reform and abolish public education and insists on the use of force over diplomacy. Remind you of a certain American political party?"

    Republicans just cannot see the similarities, and I do not understand why? In addition to everything you wrote, the GOP would like to block the vote...

    Dear Josak,

    Of course, no war at all...

  • cathylynn99 profile image

    cathylynn99 6 years ago from northeastern US

    very scary that romney is so close to obama in the recent polls!

  • UnnamedHarald profile image

    David Hunt 6 years ago from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    I KNEW they wasn't against women! I KNEW it! It was just a pack of inconvenient truths being bandied about by them slicksters. Next, I'm a gonna get me some of that free money they's given out to them millionaires. Hey, Mitt, where do I jine up with them millionaires? Hot DAMN!

  • profile image

    Jesus Was A Socialist 6 years ago

    America’s primary international enemy—Islamic radicalism—insists on government by theocracy, curtails civil liberties, embraces torture, represses women, wants to eradicate homosexuals from society, reform and abolish public education and insists on the use of force over diplomacy. Remind you of a certain American political party?

  • profile image

    Jesus Was A Socialist 6 years ago

    The Nazis certainly were not "pro-Choice", but they were not "anti-abortion" either. The Nazis believed that a woman's body belonged to the State, and the State would decide what to do with it. Which is what exactly Arizona is doing. They are using their conservative Christian beliefs to enforce their own political agenda. Which goes against everything our constitution is suppose to stand for. If you believe that you are going to heaven and hang out with Jesus, or that if you die you will be living in heaven with 100 virgins more power to you. But that's the beauty of America is that we have that right to believe and think whatever we want. The problem that's happening slowly is that we are being stripped of our rights and freedoms in the name of religion aka Christianity.

  • profile image

    Jesus was A.Socialist 6 years ago

    NAZIs and Republicans are the same:

    Both target immigrants.

    Both fear and blame religious minorities.

    Both use fear to motivate their base.

    Both claimed that patriots support them and that "evil liberals" were against them.

    Both said that they had to start a "pre-emptive war" to protect their "Home/Fatherland".

    Both linked their political agendas to Christianity.

    Both used the church to come to power.

    Both demonized the left (The Nazis did the same thing to leftists that they did to Jews)

    Both did have some good Christian heroes (look up the story of John Rabe for a good Christian Nazi hero) who bought into the lies of the party

    Both burned books

    Both eschewed science and intellectuals (it's okay Germany, we'll take your Nuclear scientists)

    Both hated homosexuals (it's okay Germany, we'll take your Nuclear scientists)

    Both used propaganda machines to keep their populace ignorant and under control (really? "Birthers"? LOL)

    Both said schools were liberal and that kids need to be retaught "truth"

    Both screamed about "Family Values" and "Morals"

    Both said it was unpatriotic to question their chosen leader (W? Palin? LOL)

  • profile image

    Alex Longo 6 years ago

    Are you out of your freaking mind? Are you that brainwashed that you can't see that the GOP is waging a war on woman? I guess even the Nazi's had Aryan woman who served their Fuhrer believing every lie that was fed to them. You disgust me as a female, as a human and most of all as a woman! Republicans don't follow the laws! Remember Republicans are the ones crying that they want less government and less laws so they can spread their fascist ideals throughout their own twisted version of democracy!

  • Josak profile image

    Josak 6 years ago from variable

    No war at all of course... Great hub and spot on, voted up and interesting.


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