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The Republicans who signed the Open Letter to Iran: Spotlight on some of the biggest clowns of the bunch.

Updated on March 17, 2015
Major General Paul D. Eaton, US Army, Ret.
Major General Paul D. Eaton, US Army, Ret. | Source

Maybe the letter to Iran wasn't actually treasonous, but still.....

Treason is a strong word. It's also punishable by death. Are we really calling for the execution of 47 US Senators? Looking at it that way, it's a little silly. Plus, there's precedent for the act of sending the letter not falling under the category of treason as my fellow hubber, K. David Ladage explains here.

However, it is still a felony and should be treated as such. And, according to retired Army Maj. Gen Paul D. Eaton, it is mutiny. Many of the senators that signed the letter are veterans of various branches of the US Armed Forces and committed a heinous breach of discipline by going behind a superior officer's back. That's right, in case you forgot, President Barack Obama is Commander in Chief of all US military, making him the Big Boss.

Eaton had this say:

"I have no issue with Senator Cotton, or others, voicing their opinion in opposition to any deal to halt Iran’s nuclear progress. Speaking out on these issues is clearly part of his job. But to directly engage a foreign entity, in this way, undermining the strategy and work of our diplomats and our Commander in Chief, strains the very discipline and structure that our foreign relations depend on, to succeed. The breach of discipline is extremely dangerous, because undermining our diplomatic efforts, at this moment, brings us another step closer to a very costly and perilous war with Iran,

"I think Senator Cotton recognizes this, and he simply does not care. That's what disappoints me the most."

This danger should be obvious to even the most staunch Republican.

By the way, mutiny is also punishable by death in the US. Just sayin'.

Tom Cottton is a veteran. So is John McCain - famously. A large number of the signers are veterans, or, in the case of Joni Ernst, still actively military. She is a Lt. Col. in the Iowa National Guard. She, especially, could face court martial (also punishable by death in some cases).

These three obviously should have known better. John McCain waffled and stated "I sign lots of letters," implying that he slaps his signature onto things willy-nilly and doesn't necessarily pay attention to the contents. Not exactly confidence-inspiring.

Now, I'd like to spotlight a few of the other morons.

Ted Cruz - Canadian, Hispanic, Republican

Smarmy $!#@
Smarmy $!#@ | Source

Despite renouncing his Canadian citizenship and a mother born in Delaware (his father is Cuban), I thank gods, archons and elemental royalty that Ted Cruz will probably never be able to run for president. But that's a big probably. He, and other of his cronies are doing everything they can to make the probability of his eligibility a certainty. So his hat's in the ring.

But let's put that aside for a moment. Ted Cruz is among one of the more vocal denialists of climate change. Here he is showing his bare ass in front of the head of NASA:

This idiot was just named chairman of the Subcommittee of Space, Science and Competitiveness. With a big brain like that, is it any wonder he signed a letter that may lead to the worst, dirtiest war this world has ever seen?

Oh, Texas. My love affair with thee is a roller coaster.

An Ernst attempt at looking thoughful
An Ernst attempt at looking thoughful | Source

Joni Ernst

Yes, I already mentioned her, but she gets a spotlight for her response to criticism about the letter.

During a conference call with reporters, she stated:

"I don't think we are undermining the president, This was a letter addressed to Iranian officials to just basically state that whatever agreements are reached between the Iranian government and the president is not something that is likely to be followed in the future, by a future Congress or a future president."

Yup, she's a moron. The US CANNOT renege in the future on any deals made now. To do so would violate international law and the US, despite the prevailing 'Murican opinion, is not above said law.

Should Joni Ernst be court martialed from the Iowa National Guard for signing the letter to Iran?

See results
Um, well, uh.....
Um, well, uh..... | Source

Chuck Grassley

I've got Cornyn and Cruz as my idiots in the capitol building, so it's saying a lot to claim that Iowa is represented by a couple of trophy-winning dumbasses.

Here are two of Grassley's quotes regarding the letter:

"I think it is a good idea to educate the Iranian people about the difference between an agreement, quote-unquote agreement, and a treaty under the Constitution,"

"Let's just raise a common-sense approach to this: What harm is it going to do? … I haven't heard of any harm yet and if there's harm, let's deal with it at the time of the harm."

To address the first quote: No one in Iran gives a rat's patootie about the US Constitution. Why do so many 'Muricans think that our way of life is a priority globally?

And harm? Well, it's already caused a huge division, made the US look like chumps in the eyes of the world and distracted from one of the GOP's big attacks on the left, the Clinton email scandal. The what? Exactly - way to shoot your own rhetorical foot, bright bulbs.

And when are we supposed to deal with it? When we again have troops on the ground, wasting taxpayer money on a conflict that the president is currently working so desperately to avoid?

Lindsay Graham, King of Entitled White Men

Yes, Lindsay Graham, who has a seat on a technology subcommittee, yet has never sent an email, signed the letter. He has publicly said that the only reason he signed the letter was in "retaliation" against Obama, who threatened to veto a bipartisan bill that would not lift sanctions on Iran that congress drafted. Well, duh, he's in the process of negotiations, moron. When one party's head is in a vice, it's not negotiation, it's strong-arming, something the GOP have become extremely good at because diplomacy and subtlety are as far out of their bailiwick as rational thought.

So Obama threatened to veto a bill that he feels would harm talks. Guess what? He's the president. That's his prerogative - he's not doing it to be a jerk, he's not doing it to stick his metaphorical tongue out at the GOP as Graham was doing to him when he signed the letter - he's doing it because he has to in order to avoid these talks going south and starting yet another costly and dirty Middle Eastern conflict.

But Graham wouldn't do such a petty thing as threaten veto, would he? No, Graham said he would use the military to force congress to do as he wants, again, proving that the mindset of the GOP is identical to the regimes they oppose oh so vehemently. Oh, and he wants to be president, too.

Imam Lindsey Graham

Update: The big winner is.....Tom Cotton!

Not only did he put his name on the thing as author (I seriously doubt he actually wrote it, although the gist may have been his), he made this absolutely brilliant and astute statement about Iran on Face the Nation: "They already control Tehran."

Then there's the above quote.

'Nuff said.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      The letter would have served the same purpose if it had been sent by normal government channels. Sending it to Iran makes them look like a bunch of non-team players who do not even know how to act like leaders. Its obvious that they are a bunch of racist who hate a black President. That they only have one goal and that goal is war. They only know how to use one tool in the toolbox and that is why they eventually lose elections. Just remember if you vote for them they can change any agreement at anytime. Right now you better just agree with them or they will just oppose you on everything regardless of consequences later.

    • Trevor Wallace profile imageAUTHOR

      Trevor Wallace 

      3 years ago from Outside Houston, Tx

      Sooo, this just happened: Got a message from Facebook saying "You're restricted from posting on or creating Pages until March 23rd at 10:53 am."

      I was posting links to this and the previous post

      on the offending senators' Facebook pages and one of their cronies complained apparently.

      I'm trying to look at it philosophically: nothing says you're correct like getting censored.


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