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The Residual Effects from Rape

Updated on September 26, 2013
The rapist's wife and child
The rapist's wife and child
Protesters demanding changes
Protesters demanding changes

The world was outraged by the gang rape of the 23-yr. old woman in India, a physiotherapy student, who went out with her boyfriend to see a movie and when that was over, the horror began by taking the wrong bus. A bus to hell. The bus was out of service but contained 5-6 young men when it stopped to offer the couple a ride in new Delhi. The couple did not see that the bus was out of service and got on. As they sat there, the other men used there eyes to strip her first and aroused them. Soon, like a pack of animals, the circled their prey. The boyfriend tried to thwart early advances and touching, but he was attacked and taken out of the picture. Once gone, there was nothing to stop the coming horror as the bus driver drove through the streets of the city while the rape, brutal rape with an metal pipe being inserted, occurred.

It seems amazing that it could happen, but the woman was dominated and could not yell for help, besides who would hear her? When the act was done, the bodies were dumped along side of the road. The woman is now dead from internal injuries from the pipe.

The men who did this caused a spark among the women in Indian society and all were convicted. One is Akshay Singh, a married man with a baby. He is sentenced to death along with the others. He is from a remote part of India where tribal culture dominates still and now his wife and child face harsh traditions. Because of his crime, his wife and child are outcasts even among family members who want nothing to with them. Since his wife no longer has a husband, she will be a widow with no honor. In their world, women do not work and seldom ever leave the home for anything. Women in this part of India are secluded and veiled.

Akshay's wife, Punita, stopped going to school in 6th grade and can barely read or write, she is 21. She considered her husband a god of some sort and he left for the big city to earn money for the family. He earned about $35 a month to send home. Home is Karmalahang, a town with no electricity. Now she has no money and little help from even her immediate family members because of the convicted husband. Their child is in need of medical treatment and she has gone hungry and has gone through garbage for food. Her father and mother refuse to help her.

During the trial, the men did not understand how a woman could be out alone with a man whom she was not married to, because that is taboo from where they come from. Yet, in India's more modern cities, it is commonplace to date now.

So, from a horrific crime that shook and changed India law, there is more carnage of life from traditions that are equally horrible. If someone does not intervene, there will be even more tragedy in India.


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