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Returning To Feudalism

Updated on March 31, 2012

It may seem crazy or far fetched but history shows us that history just repeats itself.  Ancient Rome stood as a democracy for 500 years before being torn apart and gradually thereafter the world's greatest empire fell.  I'm not suggesting that our great world will one day collapse (though I do believe there are people who are purposely manipulating the system to cause massive inflation and deflation to a point where there will never be any more confidence left in out nations currency).

Slave Labor (misterbenthompson/Flickr)
Slave Labor (misterbenthompson/Flickr)

And without currency there would be a division between those who hold possessions, land, business and those who don't.  In these dire situations feudalism rises as the only alternative. In this case the feudal lords like those of medieval time would be those who posses the land to farm, the factories to make cars in, or the home builders.  With no faith in money left they will be forced to demand payments in other ways...  like servitude of yearly capitol gains, tributes, etc... In a nutshell feudalism.

Today, evident that such global elitists are organizing a new society are clear. They refer to it as the New World Order and it basically means that bankers will be the new ruling elite and the corporations they own will be their principalities.

What's stopping Uncle Ben's for example from buying all of the rice paddies in Asia and running their 'employees' like feudal serfs?  This might seem ridiculous to some, but why is it that the United Fruit Company had so much control over Cuba and were allowed to treat their workers as if they were no better than slaves?

The future my friends is servitude to the new kings and queens of the future, the heads of major corporations who seem to run autonomously without conscience or fear of retribution.

We all have it in our power to stop this trend and stand up for our rights.  Don't believe what the mass media are telling you and make sound judged decisions for yourself before supporting your elected officials.  If all else fails, remember that the will of the masses will always be more powerful than standing armies.

Do you believe that feudalism could happen again in the future?

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    • profile image

      Considerably Concerned 5 years ago

      I don't think regressing to feudalism is impossible, but it's going to be tough sledding as the psychopaths in high places work assiduously towards seeing their "vision" to fruition.

      It's hard to believe that anyone much less a group of them would want to treat people so badly given that the former have so very much.

      On the other hand, it's not hard to believe when you think that they have no compunction about sending their own people into wars the spoils of which no one but the very rich will see. Meanwhile, men and women on both sides lose limb, mind, and life. What a legacy the reprobates leave behind. It breaks my heart

    • profile image

      adumpaul 5 years ago

      Nice crazy article.How is Feudalism

      63 works?

    • Jyle Dupuis profile image

      Jyle Dupuis 8 years ago from Henrico, Virginia

      I'm always surprised at how many people are ignorant of true historical facts. They teach manipulated versions of history in schools and they make it overly complicated and boring on purpose. We don't stand a chance at learning anything about history. Instead schools pump science and math in children in hopes that they will be technical geniuses later in life. You only need to read a few history books to see where this is going. I feel strongly that our globalized community will become far smaller within the next few hundred years or sooner. People will realize that they've been used and they will want their share or the wealth back.

    • Tom Cornett profile image

      Tom Cornett 8 years ago from Ohio

      Good hub. People tend to follow the promise of security and abundance to the heart of hell. Who was it that said,"Let's pay them and make them think they are free." We have crowned kings of incompetence. That......always leads to bitter ends.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 8 years ago from Chicago

      I think it more likely we'll see a takeover by an authoritarian government such as in the book "Brave New World" readily accepted by the masses who haven't been taught history. I agree the system is being manipulated, setting the stage for a savior type such as Lenin or Mao or Hitler as people get desperate for things to be made better, regardless of the loss of their freedom.

      I like your Hub. Good work.