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The Revelation's 200 Million Man Army

Updated on December 23, 2018

Armageddon. The war to end all war when Jesus Christ returns and demolishes man's armies converging on Israel. Not every one who studies the Book of Revelations and its prophecy agree, yet, it speaks of a 200 million man army descending for war upon Israel.

It is hard to fathom or believe. How would this logically occur in today's world, if this is the End Times?

The most likely scenario is that Russia and NATO conduct a small scale war over the Ukraine. Perhaps, Russia wins and retakes the Ukraine. NATO converts to a European Army led by Germany. It includes many of the same NATO nations but not the USA or Britain. It is truly European. With much of Germany's natural gas supply coming from Russia now, Russia terminates the agreement and Germany is without a natural gas supply in adequate amounts. Meanwhile, Russia seizes the Baltics as well. Russia wants Europe to concede to their other demands. It wants Poland.

The European army now attacks Russia and war ensues, which ends badly for the European army and it makes peace with Russia, who now controls it. Meanwhile, Russia and China have also partnered their armies (this has already happened with Russian-Chinese forces on training exercises). China is a steady customer of Russian military hardware.

When the focus starts to be on the Middle East, a 200 million man army is not hard to achieve with Europe, Russia, and China.

Where is the USA?

America in the Revelations is an insignificant player during the End Times. It is more of an isolationist in the world and more interested in its own problems than what happens elsewhere (much like it was before WW2). The difference is the problems America has are far more extreme placing the whole democracy in peril. One can only see that today in some respects, the political chaos, the social division over a variety of issues, the trillion dollar debt, and so on. With China owning much of the debt now, it could use its economic weapon to further derail the American economy or use it as leverage.

America will not come to save Israel in the End Times. Much of the tribulation the USA has is its own making but it is also being punished because the nation is no longer "under God" like it once was. America had been blessed since its beginning, but no longer. America's enemies will be allowed to encroach on its area. The two oceans had protected it but with ICBM's in many countries, this is no longer the case. And in the End Times, missiles will fly!

Why Israel?

Why would a 200 million man army descend upon Israel? One can only presume it is all about greed. The natural gas and oil reserves just off the Israeli coast are vast, bigger than Saudi Arabia. Israel has been drilling already and disputes have already occurred. Then, there is the historic hatred between Arabs and Jews ever since 1948, when Israel was created out of Palestinian land. Both Russia and China long for warm water ports, and already Russia has one in Syria. China has one in Africa. Of course, these are the logical reasons.

Even if you do not believe about End Times, one cannot deny we are entering some very perilous times as Russia eyes the Baltics and Ukraine still, China controls the South China Sea, America withdraws from the Middle East and Afghanistan, and Germany's PM has resigned. Europe will become a combined military force, already, some leaders want a European army. Why is China and Russia becoming allied? What happens when China is a world power (which is near)? Does America have the will to stand up to China\Russia? If America is unwilling to use its powerful military, why have it?

Finally, after America leaves the Middle East, Israel will stand alone. Exactly as the Book of Revelations indicated over 2000 years ago!.


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