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The Rich are Under Threat from Liberal Bullies

Updated on February 27, 2014
Liberal bullies who talk back
Liberal bullies who talk back

Liberal bullies have been attacking the rich with nasty words, and it hurts. They are saying things like the rich should pay their share in taxes, that the nation should bring back banking regulations, that we need to raise the minimum wage, that offshore accounts should be taxed, that we need to stop giving corporations welfare like nearly free rent on land and that people need more jobs. Ouch! That hurts and is an attack on our nation’s fundamentals such as poverty, hunger and the right to be homeless and unemployed.

How dare crazy liberals attack the rich by asking the suffering of others be reduced. Liberals don’t understand how things work and just hate rich people. They are envious of the rich who don’t have to worry about where their next meal will come from like the lazy poor. They are envious that the rich can have laws written for them and get billion dollar bailouts from taxpayers. They are jealous that we can afford to buy Congress members with million dollar campaign donations and pay lobbyists to get legislation passed for us, which secures our wealthy position in society. They are jealous because we have billions and the deservedly poor have nothing.


Liberal bullies are forcing religious Americans not to discriminate against people, as if freedom in America was founded on religious freedom and not God’s law. Now, liberal bullies are fighting religious freedom to discriminate in Arizona by challenging Arizona’s Senate Bill 1062. How dare they attack the right to discriminate against others based on religion. Damn those liberals for not tolerating religious intolerance! Bigotry should trump free speech every time. Cut out their tongues and let them die in the fires of hell!

When liberals gather in numbers, they are bullies, like they did at Chick-fil-a, to Jan Brewer, to Scott Walker, at Walmart and other places where they bullied people and businesses. How dare they use their freedom of assembly, the big bullies!

And liberals are bullying us about marriage. Instead of accepting that gay people can’t marry, they are fighting for the rights of homosexuals with bullying phrases like “equal rights” and “equal treatment under the law.” Ouch! Those bullies just won’t stop trying to protect gays.

Fighting back against bullying is bullying. Just look at Gactivist Dan Savage’s rant about the Bible and anti-gay rhetoric. He said, “How panzyass people are when you challenge them.” Oh, the bully! How dare a gay man mock the Bible and its words!

Oh, the big bully!

Liberals bully us by disagreeing with us! How dare they fight God, guns and God’s guns. The left wants to cow us into not discriminating against people. They use their laws and media to tell us that we can’t just arrest people who scare us, we can’t keep blacks out of the front of our buses and that we have to serve them, we can’t keep gays from having equal rights and we can’t impose Christian prayers on people in schools. Keeping us from hating is bullying, damn it!! And the Supreme Court striking down the Defense of Marriage Act is just more bullying!

When the “left” argues against what we want, it’s bullying; when we argue against the left, it’s patriotic speech. Pointing out discrimination is bullying. Liberals should just lay down and take the beatings like the dogs they are. They should passively accept the loss of wages and loss of political freedoms like members of our Tea Party accept their lot and still support us. By talking back and standing up, leftists are showing their natural bullying tendencies.

Talking about bullying in schools makes you a bully. Unions are bullying corporations by asking for better wages and benefits. How dare they! They bully workers, with history, by telling them that unions have a long tradition of creating jobs with better wages, eight hour days, and eliminating child labor. According to bullying victim Ben Shapiro, “Richard Trumka, head of the AFL-CIO, and he really stands for the entire union…to really bully the living hell out of Americans. I mean, they're not interested in us paying lower prices. They're not interested in us being employed. They're interested in Richard Trumka making $300,000 a year and meeting at the White House...”

Multimillion dollar contracts for CEOs is okay, the average Forbes 500 compensation being over $12 million dollars, but $300,000 for a union leader is out of bounds. And remember, lower prices for our friends the consumers is much more important than higher wages and secure work places for the enemy, the workers.

Obama is using young kids to bully the innocent gun lobby in an attempt to get them to care about kids. As young Republican and bullying victim, Ben Shapiro tells us about the bully number one in America, “Oh, clearly President Obama leads off the crew. President Obama, what he’s been doing with gun control is really an excellent example of it — and dragging out 7 year olds to use as a backdrop for your political position and implying that those who disagree with you are morally evil and don’t care if 7 year olds get shot is a pretty solid example of bullying, but obviously it’s not restricted to President Obama. He utilizes his office to bully in a way that no president ever has, which is amazing.”

Obama is a bully for just mentioning gun safety measures when kids are around. Does the bully-in-chief want us to start caring about dead children due to gun violence? Instead of dealing with ways to reduce gun violence in America, let’s distract the people with Obama’s alleged bullying.

Obama whips out his pen to bully kids!
Obama whips out his pen to bully kids! | Source

According to liberals, if you don’t want gays to have the equal rights to marriage, you must hate gay people. If you pass voter ID laws that target minority voters in swing districts, you must be a racist. Well, just because we are against gays and minorities having equal rights, doesn’t mean we hate them any more than Southerners hated blacks by imposing segregation on them.

Calling out Republicans who want to take healthcare away from women and pass laws forcing women to get “rape insurance” is bullying too! Women who speak out are clearly bullying men.


Gay bullies want to force Christians, the right kind of Christians that hate gays, to sell them cakes and flowers. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, just like segregationists did in diners, lunch counters and other businesses in the South in the 19th and 20th centuries. Only bullies would make us serve people we want to discriminate against.

Now liberals are attacking our right to discriminate by voting for ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act that would make it illegal to discriminate against gays and lesbians. Why all the attacks on Christians who want to practice their religion by discriminating against people? It’s the bullies on the left yet again.

The left won elections in 2012 because they are big meanies, says victim Ben Shapiro. The Democrats were meanies to point out that Romney really worked for the rich and by showing that 47% video, the bullies! They were meanies to point out all the laws passed, mostly in Republican run states, to limit voting. And worst of all, Democrats were bullies by not sharing all those black votes with Republicans.

Captured and posted by liberal bullies

Congressman Ellison is a bully for standing up to Stuart Varney. How dare he!! He really bullies him by calling him “sir” and sticking to his talking points. Ouch!

Bringing up contraception is bullying according to bullying victim Ben Shapiro! “SHAPIRO:...remember during the debates. Why did George Stephanopoulos suddenly bring up contraception right during the debates? He did it because that was part of the Obama administration's war on women and he was playing a part in all of that.” Damn bullies should stop talking about contraception! Sandra Fluke was the biggest contraception bully when she talked about it to Congress. Bill O’Reilly and Dana Loesch were right to call her a slut and a whore for being such a bully.

Certainly, there are liberals that say insulting and idiotic things because they abhor the “right”. That is true of so-called conservatives too. Without ad hominem attacks against “liberals”, Ann Coulter would have nothing to say. And Hannity and O’Reilly would have to reduce their radio programs to one hour without the insults of liberals. So when these attack dogs of the right call liberals who stupidly use insults, “bullies”, it is projection. And the right can’t stand women, minorities or non-right wingers from speaking up for themselves. Ouch!

Tex Shelters


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    • texshelters profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

      Taxes spend for killing and (unlawfully) imprisoning people are immoral, not doubt. Thanks.


    • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

      Wesman Todd Shaw 

      4 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

      The "tea party phenomenon" is a damned interesting thing. I can't be "anti-tea party" for the simple fact that where our taxes mostly go is towards military in the largest part of it all....and we know what that means, our military is a tool for imperialism and mass murder, nothing more, nothing less...nobody has attacked us since Pearl Harbor.

      I'm all for paying taxes for military...but not for anything but defense of the place we call home.

      It's "probably true" that there are tons of racists hateful warmongering sorts in the tea parties...which sucks, as I'm all for lowering taxes. Taxes aren't "bad" in my view at all, I'm all for taxes and such....except that they're being mis-spent towards things which do not benefit the common US citizen at all, and I *think* that's something virtually every single person not invested in the military prison industrial complex can agree to.

    • texshelters profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

      Exactly. WTS is respectful. The people I mock here don't give a damn about poverty or don't even see it. And they insult the poor as a way to justify not helping people that are on the lower rung of society.


    • texshelters profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

      Yes, there are a lot of point here. Thanks! The main idea is that right-wing talking heads are crybabies. I think there are plenty of people that just don't see or care about poverty, and the record of Congress speaks for itself, and as you know WTS, I think MOST, not all, Dems are just as bad as the Republicans.

      There is mixed evidence that raising the minimum wage with cost us jobs. It depends on how you count the multiplier affect of higher wages leading to more consumer spending. I believe it will help and I also believe that many companies couldn't fun with fewer workers and so they would have to pay or close.

      I am not sure what "liberal legislation" is, but higher wages will help many people as would an elimination of the middle man in health care costs, i.e. insurance companies.

      Thanks for the thoughtful response, buddy.


    • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

      Wesman Todd Shaw 

      4 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

      It shouldn't be legal to be a business headquartered in the USA, literally, a business entity of the United States of America....and to move the production end of things to some other nation in order to pay someone thirty cents an hour to make Levi jeans all day long, but that's what Levis did, and thanks to Wikileaks we know all about it.

      Now I've still got problems with even saying that was so horrible, as the people who are actually getting to work to make those jeans are surely more prosperous for having the work, and that third of a dollar pay per hour the get for it is surely a LOT MORE in pay than we realize for were it cost adjusted to living circumstances in that nation, the pay would make more sense to us.

      ...but I'm never buying Levis again just the same.

      In the end, I see what I believe to be a continuum continuing into today where what we actually have, globally, is a feudalistic society...bankers and CEOs are kings, it's only that their realms are not so defined in the ways they once were in the manner of real estate.

      I've no clue what to do about it all. I'm trying to understand the problems still.

    • NateB11 profile image

      Nathan Bernardo 

      4 years ago from California, United States of America

      Wesman's approach to this issue is rational and compassionate, which I appreciate. However, I've seen very few (none, except Wesman) argue against the minimum wage in that way. Usually, they just say the poor deserve to be poor and those who have more deserve to have more. They characterize the poor as ignorant dolts who can't get any kind of employment except minimum wage jobs; generally, they are very flippant and arrogant about it. My problem with all that is that if the system requires rich people to pay poverty wages to keep the system going then there is something seriously wrong with the system; it seriously needs to be scrapped. If the rich being required to pay people something close to a decent wage means they will move jobs overseas or automate labor, well, then, that's a major statement about our economic system. It means our economic system requires poverty to exist, and people are spending a lot of time justifying that instead of doing something about it.

    • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

      Wesman Todd Shaw 

      4 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

      Well there's a lot to talk about here, quite a lot.

      Myself, I'm FASCINATED by the minimum wage debate in the same way a moth is fascinated by a non-LED light bulb...or the way a squirrel is fascinated by dashing in front of your car ...apparently wishing to cause you to wreck it.

      Raising minimum wage is the exact same thing, really...the problem is what you refer to as "liberals" are people who see raising minimum wage as something which will give the poor more income and wealth....buuuut it ain't nowhere nearly that simple.

      ABSOLUTELY NOBODY I've ever encountered wants there to be MORE people in poverty. I'm not saying such persons don't exist, they surely do, what I'm saying is the people who do not want minimum wage increased have VERY GOOD reasons for this, and I'm one of them.

      Raising minimum wage won't force anyone super rich to give up more of their wealth to the poor, what it will more likely do is cause there to be an absolute END to many many jobs creating MORE impoverished persons.

      Those super rich people can't be reasoned out of their power, control, and wealth through legislation, my friend...they'll offshore more jobs and bring in more machines is what they'll do.

      The answers to the problems in the world WILL NEVER be fixed by "liberal legislation," the only way to fix such problems are through a change in cultural values.

      It's kinda like the thing with the guns....take a gun away from someone bent on killing, he's still going to kill, the problem was NEVER the inanimate hunk of wood and steel, the problem was ALWAYS the MIND of the animate man.


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