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The Right to Choose: Irresponsibility

Updated on January 30, 2011

We live in a time in which irresponsibility seems to be praised and celebrated on a daily basis. It is shoved down our throats in the form of television shows, commercials, which the government calls “Disinfotainment”. It really does appear that any sense of moral, ethical, or even personal responsibility is not celebrated anymore.

If you haven’t guessed this article is about Abortion but more specifically the ridiculous argument surrounding it. The argument is “it is a woman’s right to choose.” This was most likely brought to us by Feminists which are a CIA and Rockefeller creation (look it up, it will surprise you). This is an obvious cop out for taking any responsibility for sexual acts that one might decide to take part in. This of course is anyone’s right as a human being but it comes with responsibility of any side effects such as STDs and Pregnancy.

The phrase if you do the crime you must do the time comes to mind but now that is no longer the case. What their argument should really be called is “it is a woman’s right to do as she pleases without consequence.”

Indeed that seems to be the case. The father has no right in this supposed “choice”, even though if “she” chooses to keep the baby then “it takes two to make a baby” and he must “man up” and fork over the dough. Let’s recap that, the man has no right period in the decision of whether to keep or not the child but has to pay for it if it is kept. That does not sound like equality to me, sounds more like the rhetoric of the feminist.

In fact if the father doesn’t father the child he still has to pay. This matter is now being called Paternity Fraud. How it works is basically the courts order a non-father to continue pay for a child that is not his even if a DNA has proved that he is not the father to the tune of 1.6 million people. [1]

A quote from an article from Rense Reads

“40% of the hundreds of married men who contact the Equal Justice Foundation for help do so after they find evidence their wives are having an affair. These men are falsely charged with domestic violence or abuse, and suffer the crushing weight of being driven from their homes and children by restraining orders that are handed out by judges like candy. As a result of these all-too-frequently false allegations, women are given the house, the kids, the car, the bank account, very generous child support, and sometimes alimony (maintenance) as a reward for their adultery. And when DNA paternity tests prove he isn't the father, the child support doesn't stop” [1]

That is literally how bad it has become in this era of irresponsibility. Justice, common sense, decency all be damned.

Back to the original point, how easy is it to avoid pregnancy? Very in this modern age with all the morning after pills, condoms, pregnancy prevention pills and bands, etcetera on the market. Still it comes down to a woman’s right to choose! Ignoring the irresponsible behavior that create the child in the first place and the rights of the unborn child (who could be female and half the time it is so where is her right to choose?).

Who are the proponents of these matters? The answer is Feminists, Eugenists and some elite.[2][3]Eugenists have long sought population control of the poor and lower class on the guise that they are inferior and are breeding faster than the rich. Feminists have long since ruined American families with their rhetoric. Those are the people that promote this era of irresponsibility.

Now this is not an anti abortion article. Abortion does have its place with women who are raped or the child threatens their life. While it is sad that we have to lose a life to save another it is unfortunately necessary some times and is a burden that some must bear. This article is about responsibility and pointing out how some are promoting a system of irresponsibility and unjust systems that allow people to do as they please without regards to morals or consequence and that our society is suffering for it.

[1] I strongly recommend you to read this article





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