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The Right to Sanity

Updated on May 14, 2015

Coping with "Social Programming"

We all exist in a constantly-changing electromagnetic field employed to sculpt us into model citizens. For those who like to think for themselves, life can be Hell. Not everyone experiences this process, which is why those of us who do are often called "crazy". Most people just "go with the flow", others notice this subtle mental-molding and get very upset that their rights are being violated. This is when things get extremely tough.

There now exist myriads of ways to torture a human being without violating any laws. Examples include: sensitization to sound (induced hyperacusis) and being subjected to loud noises while shocks are directly administered to the body. This causes the victim to experience a high degree of stress. Over time, one can experience PTSD. The victim feels weak, jumpy and worn-down. I've seen many people online screaming for help. Some even wish for death. I've lived in such a way so as to have drawn a significant degree of this "invisible persecution". I'm going to tell you how I've dealt with it. My existence is nearly normal now.

Causing little changes in brain-chemistry allows you to think more freely. Kratom, a totally legal herb can make all harassment seem irrelevant. Yes, it binds to the Mu receptor so it's actions are those of a narcotic. I say that we have a right to peace of mind. The powers-that-be gave up on using stress tactics on me because all it did was keep me perpetually "loaded" on Kratom for nearly 3 straight years. There's one thing you can do. You'll feel so damn good that you DEFINITELY WILL NOT WISH FOR DEATH.

I take a combination of medication that raises my pain tolerance, keeps my spirits up and allows me to enjoy restful sleep. Had I found this useful combination early enough, it would have saved me a lot of misery. So here's the magic "psychological desensitization combo": Fluvoxamine 200mg, Zolpidem (Ambien) 10mg and Olanzipine 20mg. These are taken at bedtime. This combo does dull the mind to some degree, so I take Methylphenidate (Ritalin) 20mg three times daily. I also take Clonopin for panic attacks. I almost never have them anymore, so I do not take as much. It is prescribed 3 times daily.

Even with the above, I still experience rhythmic ringing in the ears. This isn't tinnitus caused by damaged cochlear hairs. It can be controlled by will alone and the frequency you choose determines whether you go bat-shit crazy or breeze right on through. The keys are: LENGTHEN EACH HIGH-FREQUENCY SYLLABLE. ee-ee-ee-ee becomes eeeeeeee, eeeeeeee, eeeeeeeee. It was so neat when I learned this trick. I was getting "hit hard" while writing stuff online about all this so I would focus on my writing and my stress level would rise as the "default frequency" kicked in, then I'd focus on the calming eeeeeeeee, eeeeeeee, eeeeeeeeee and the stress went completely away. "Tinnitus", I think NOT!

It's easier for me to float through life because I intentionally fried my tympanic membrane (and my cochlear hairs) with a headphone amplifier. I have to use hearing aids now, but before learning the "CALM FREQUENCY", I was on the verge of wanting my life to end. People have killed themselves because of the ringing in their ears. Desensitization of my hearing has made things SO MUCH BETTER. This is just like me mentioning Dextromethorphan (Robitussin). Maybe I fried my brain sufficiently that they gave up on assaulting it. Who knows. Who cares now that things are better.

At THIS point, one can consider going back to becoming a productive member of society. Because you know all the ways to make things tolerable for yourself, you can choose to not even believe in Gang-stalking or electronic-harassment. You are free to believe anything you want, just like people did before this technology came along. When you are able to believe that everything is okay, it really helps to go ahead and believe it. Now take these steps (if you want to) and get your sanity back!


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