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Trump and The Rise of American Idiocracy

Updated on May 31, 2016

Prez Trump: World Nightmare

Itz Da Hare In My Brain
Itz Da Hare In My Brain | Source

Joel Stein, a Time magazine columnist summed up our political dilemma best when he said that it only took this democracy 200 years to turn into an Idiocracy

A couple of weeks ago, my 14 year grandson interjected his feelings into a conversation we, his mucho-terian aged grandparents were having about Trumputin and his campaign which soon turned into a conversation about D. Trump. It was a perfect time to find out something more about the mindset and attitude of a 14 year old who represents a segment of our population that might be affected most by a trump term,should he advance. I don’t believe anyone has studied that segment of our early teen population through the current months of turmoil and political unrest.

The Growth of Idiocracy in 21st Century America

But first a few words about ‘Idiocracy” a term columnist Stein brings up in reference to the consequences and effect of a Trump presidential term. The following is from wikipedia, which explains the word is “from a film of the same name. Idiocracy is a 2006 American satirical science fiction comedy film. The film tells the story of a dystopian society where advertising, commercialism, and cultural anti-intellectualism have run rampant devoid of intellectual curiosity, social responsibility, and coherent notions of justice and human rights.

From all that i’ve read and heard, a 14 year old's mind is wired differently from those of more mature adult males. That's why boys that age do dumb things. Their judgement is impaired and what seems preposterous to mature people is seen as normal by a 14 year boy. Erratic behaviour is the norm for these youngsters and their judgement is often suspect

My grandson is a perfectly normal, well behaved kid, a great athlete, a decent student and an all around good kid. He walked into our political discussion wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap, a $5 knock off of the $20 original that Trump is hawking.

Is Trump 14 years old?

Do Americans regard Trump to be rational?

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Trump is Crazy and Wild and Funny

So, naturally when asked, grandson #3 told us that he was a Trump admirer and would vote for him if he were old enough. “Why so”, I asked. Expecting something a bit more astute. I was blown away by his reasoning.“Trump is crazy and wild and funny”! Why else?

Those reasons make as much sense as those coming from the millions of Donald loving adults who are suffering from 14 yr. old Dumb-Down Donald Syndrome (DDDS). Now I understand what happened to the large segment of our population They caught the (DDDS) Trump virus.

Hopefully, a cure will be found before November or we might find ourselves living in a full blown Idiocracy, being governed by a political force with the mindset of a 14 year old boy. Omg! It only took a little more than two centuries.

Is this the fate we will face as teenagers become the face of our country in the next decade or two. Will America exist?

Your Leader is a  Loser
Your Leader is a Loser

Heil Trumpler

If you plan to demonstrate against a Trump presidency this year, outfit yourslf with enough protective gear to protect yourself from the goons Trump-putin will employ. He doesn't like opposition so he will no doubt turn loose his stormtroopers against you.

equip yourself with

helmets, body armor, shin guards, gas masks and protective eye gear. The New nazis are coming. Heil Trumpler

Size does matter

What is the smallest of Trump's Body parts

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