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The Rising Waters

Updated on August 22, 2017
vivianlisett profile image

Vivian has been a vegetarian/ vegan since February 6, 2016. She's researched a ton of information about the environmental disaster we're in.


What's Happening With Our Glaciers?

Earth's glaciers have been around for billions of years. They maintain our earth's temperature at normalcy and our sea levels elevated by holding in a lot of water in their structure. A glacier is defined as a large accumulation of ice, snow, rock, sediment and water. Sometimes they're small, sometimes they are so big they can make an entire ship sink to the bottom of the ocean.

Lately, things have gotten very bad: the world's glaciers are starting to melt. This means that the earth is getting hotter and the sea levels are rising at extremely dangerous rates. How is the sea level rising? As glaciers melt, like when ice cubes melt, the liquids contained seems to rise due to the fact that glaciers are mostly made of water. That is what's happening with our ice caps. Also, high levels of CO2 in our atmosphere are increasing, causing our oceans to get hotter, therefore expanding. The estimations are scary, but in the future, it's possible that the oceans can completely flood one or more of our islands around the world. But this isn't exactly mother nature's fault; we are the problem.

The ice is melting.
The ice is melting. | Source

What are we doing?

About two million years ago, the first ever Ice Age occurred on planet Earth. This occurred because it was mother nature's way of protecting itself by high amounts of CO2 and greenhouse effect. Sound familiar? Yes. We live in a very materialistic era. Meaning factories around the world work hard in producing high amounts of products for consumers to purchase. In working very hard, these factories blow off steam to create products, resulting in high amounts of toxicity in our atmosphere. And the greenhouse effect takes place once again. This isn't the only thing that's contributing to the greenhouse effect, it's also the meat industry. The more cows produced, the more methane they contribute to our air. (Watch Cowspiracy on Netflix) This is destroying our ozone layer at very alarming rates.


The Ozone Layer: A Quick Overview

The ozone layer protects the earth with a layer of gases to keep out radiation from the sun as much as possible. Due to certain events occurring over the last few decades, (industrialization and meat production) the ozone layer has been weakened, contributing to global warming. There is a hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica that was created in the 1970's; this is a serious problem.


Is There A Solution?

I would love to say that we can save this with a medium-sized group of people doing their very best to stop this problem. Unfortunately, everyone has to be on board to recognizing that there is a problem and be willing to do something about it. This includes the big corporations all over the world that seem to have only one thing in mind: money. Because they're the main problem. But if we reduce the consumption of meat and unnecessary over-use of everyday products, the companies will stop producing, omitting less toxic gases into the air of our beautiful earth. Until then, they'll keep generating green "valuable" paper that in the end means nothing to the goodness of the earth; destroying the planet little by little.



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    • vivianlisett profile image

      Vivian Gaytan 8 months ago from Houston, TX

      Angel. Watch What The Health on Netflix.

    • Angel Guzman profile image

      Angel Guzman 8 months ago from Joliet, Illinois

      Great first two articles! ;) I believe strongly we need to act on climate change but don't feel meat industry that big a culprit. They can be more ethical overall though!