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The Risks of Wingnut Baiting in Politics

Updated on July 9, 2014

The risk of wingnut baiting is that you have to present yourself as a wingnut of the opposing side and if you're not careful, you'll get caught in your own trap.

Holly Fisher has spent some time baiting the left wing. Tweaking their nose on Hobby Lobby, smacking their hands with the Bible and wrapping herself in the American flag while she does it.

it's just a meme

The meme shows her, a flag, a rifle and a religious book. This image is situated next to another woman, with a flag, a rifle and a religious book. We're told the woman on the left is "peaceful" and the one on the right is "dangerous", but I have to ask, how do any of us know by looking at a picture? Or even if they were standing side by side in front of us? What would you assume? And what is "danger"? Because the one on the left may not shoot you doesn't mean the imagery doesn't carry it's own dangers - propaganda through imagery is a very powerful tool and political entities through out history have made an extreme effort to show that yes, it's even powerful enough to turn neighbor against neighbor to report them to their government for being "different". We had one of our in this country, his name was Joe McCarthy and he and his propaganda machine were able to destroy the careers and lives of far to many. She may not be the one to pull the trigger, ultimately, however her imagery continues to contribute to a growing rift over religion and guns in this nation, while a middle ground who just wants reason is rife with exasperation and frustration at people like her and the people who respond to her.

Now Holly's antics have proven to much for even her. She has gotten burned on a hot stove she wasn't prepared to cook on. Over the past hours she has been in the media complaining that she's been "targeted" unfairly. We've suddenly heard now how she's a Mom and a patriotic military wife.

Well I beg her to remember that her husband is defending our nation and that includes all of us, even the ones who don't believe in the Bible, don't want a gun and really are more worried about making sure they can cast their vote than if they're wrapped properly enough in the flag to satisfy any given wingnut.

So perhaps it's time for Hashtag Holly to do a little introspective review and determine what exactly is her goal here. If she's just looking for attention, she got it -- stop complaining if it didn't turn out to be the kind of attention you were hoping for. Wishes sometimes work like that when you're not careful about how you word your wish.

If she's looking to change a nation, it might behoove her to understand the message she's sending and why she got the negative reaction and if she's truly being the agent of the change she wants.

For that matter, it might to all of us, individually and as a nation to examine the intentions behind our actions and take the time to understand what the long term impact of those actions may be. Hindsight is 20/20, let's try to use a little critical foresight with the best vision we can muster.


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