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The Rite of The Initiation Process

Updated on August 25, 2010

Mystery of Our Initiation Process

"Open the door - the door that hath no key

the door to dreams, whereby men come to thee"

Initiation is a rite of passage, a death and birth, a transformation.

Initiation is opening the door to the Mysteries

Initiation is the forming of a powerful and magical connection to the Gods, their cycles and symbols: and allowing ourselves to be molded by them

Mystery of Initiation


The Initiation Process

Some of us have been through this route more than we have wanted too. Our right to be seen, thought of, and connected somehow has not been cleared by others who have placed obstacles and limits to our conjoining. There thought process has led them to believe we still need to go through hazing or we still have to take out that person’s family member in order for us to be a more likable inked up bill board wearing companion playing in the team spirit of things. I think not !!

We have given up our rights and let others dictate our Rite of the Initiation Sequence. These are the days your mother told you, that there were to be. But it seems as if we have forgotten they were to come. We have constant infighting over Arizona’s new laws, the young dying racing there brand new cars. We have undocumented aliens and Islam screaming out there cause. I pad, kindle, Sony e- reader and some others fighting over tabs and bars. Viral videos on You Tube and immediate family in there own porn episode not following in the footsteps of who you are. Unemployment, the stock market and the housing market slumping to a bottom and the wizards can’t tell us how much is far, real far. We have Iran and North Korea, leaving Iraq and keeping Afghanistan, while the others are still crying for blood and more than just a fair side of war. You have men and woman who can not decide who they want to marry, joining themselves together as if was ok, taking votes away to receive more than just an additional social security card, There are Democrats, Republicans and now Sarah Palin’s depilated Tea Party vying for peoples hearts and minds divine deacon’s shouting us speeches, talking to the public like we are from planet Mars. Kids killing kids as the courts think keeping them longer in jail will eventually bring about a shinning star.

The slaughter of whales and the pollution of our oceans by countries and greedy corporations has made living on this planet so dang hard. We have lost our rights to the initiation process, the initial right to tell others how we really feel, the initial right to tell you no that is not the deal, Come on people, let us all get back to being what they call as REAL.

Read Into Your Initiation !!

Fr From Heaven
Fr From Heaven

Mystery In Initiation


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