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24. Prisoners Gone Wild

Updated on March 11, 2013

Prisoners Gone Wild

Prisoners Gone Wild is the continuation in a series of hubs in which I discuss my life of rebellion, dabbling in the Occult, drugs, crime and prison to life-changing conversion through Jesus Christ. Click here to read it from the beginning. In this hub, I will discuss some dangerous prisoner fueds and assaults that I had witnessed or heard about.


It all started over a game of dominoes between two black guys in the TV room. Supposedly, they had some kind of feud in the past, which was about to escalate to the extreme. They got into a dispute over the score of their dominoes game. It got so heated that one guy jumped up and grabbed a nearby broom handle and hit the other guy over the head with it! The fight was quickly broken up, but it wasn’t over.

After the 10 p.m. count, the guy which got hit over the head came into the dorm where the other guy lived to confront him. This just so happened to be the dorm where I lived as well. The guy being confronted threatened the one confronting him with a weapon, but he didn’t show it. It tuned out to be a small pair of scissors, which he was concealing in his hand.


“Pull it out!”, said the aggressor; and that’s when the tension between them exploded. The guy being confronted revealed his scissors and attacked the other guy with them; but he was quickly overpowered. Nevertheless, neither of them escaped uninjured. They both had cuts to the face by the time the fight was over. However, they guy who initially went on the attack with the broom handle in the TV room got the worst of it.

The inmate who used the broom handle as a weapon was smaller in size. The other prisoner was quite large. Not so much in muscle, but in weight. He was really fat, actually. He used his weight to wrestle his opponent to the ground. When they were down, the larger guy pummeled his opponent until he was knocked out.

He didn’t stop punishing him, there. He slashed an “x” in his face with the scissors. He punched, elbowed and slapped him. He kicked him in the head with his hard-toed boots. He even periodically brought him back to consciousness by slapping him around, only to punch his lights out again. This went on and on for what seemed to be like 15 minutes.

Since there were no guards patrolling our floor, it took them a while to hear the commotion. Not to mention, the building we were housed in was a thick concrete structure. We were on the third floor. The officers’ office was on the second floor, and not directly below our dorm. It was some 30 feet away.

Better Late than Never

Eventually, a couple of guards came to check out what was going on, after hearing some noise in our dorm. They quickly broke up the fight. The aggressor ceased his assault once the officer ordered him to stop. He was quickly taken to solitary confinement. The other inmate was another matter. He was laying on the ground in a semi-conscious state.

After coming to consciousness, the battered inmate was made to sit in his bunk bed to await medical attention. He was a bloody mess. People were saying his eye socket was smashed (although I didn’t see it). His once gray sweater was entirely blood red. There were long steaks of blood smeared in various directions on the floor, where the two prisoners had struggled with each other. After they were taken away, I never saw them again.

Knives Confiscated From Prisoners at Folsom State Prison

Photo by uvw916a
Photo by uvw916a | Source

The larger inmate, who confronted and attacked the other inmate in my dorm, was scheduled to have a visit the following day. Not only that, he was due to be released in less that two months. He ruined all of that by getting into a fight. I wouldn’t be surprised if he even caught a new charge. Depending on the severity of the assault, prisoners can catch a new charge and get a few years added onto their prison sentence.

That reminds me of a guy I met who had been transferred to our prison from the medium security facility across the street. He was doing a 25 to life bid for murder. He only started with a three year sentence! His initial conviction was for bomb-making. However, he got into a fight with another convict while incarcerated and ended up stabbing him to death.

Fallen in the Line of Duty

While working in the Unicor Sign Factory, we were making a plaque to honor a guard who was fallen in the line of duty in the medium security prison across the street. A prisoner felt that he was being harassed by a guard there. The story was, the guard disrespected him by leaving his books a mess after searching his property. That’s when the inmate started devising a plan to kill him.

One day, the inmate taped two shanks (knives) to his wrists. They extended out a few inches past his wrists; but he concealed them with his hands and his jacket sleeves. He went like that to the chow hall for the afternoon meal. His plan was to catch the guard that had disrespected him while exiting the chow hall and then stab him to death.

Unfortunately, while exiting the chow hall, he realized that the guard who he wanted to kill was not on duty! Another guard pulled him to the side to pat him down, which was a standard procedure done at random. However, he had two knives taped to his wrists, which were about to be discovered! What was he to do? He decided to attack and kill the guard who pulled him aside to search him. An innocent man died that day.

In my last hub I touched on homosexuality in prison. In my next hub, I will delve more deeply into that subject. Click on the link below to read it.

25. Gays in Prison


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    • X-Con profile image

      X-Con 5 years ago from The Free World!

      Sunshine625 - I know...

    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 5 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Another amazingly written story. That guard was in the worng place at the wrong time. What a shame.

    • profile image

      ennazil 5 years ago

      Man are always man. These is an indication of having very high levels of testosterone, very aggressive, combatant and fearless. It is nice if they are going to be placed in a combat, so that their energy will not be put into waste. It is so sad that they are just placed in a small room and only have to fight with those persons near them. They have the warriors blood!