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The Ron Paul Revolution For Liberty

Updated on June 16, 2012

Ron Paul

The man
The man

Ron Paul Struggle

I am a huge Ron Paul supporter, of his philosophy and his principled actions. Now despite whether you enjoy Ron Paul or not, you have to admit he ran a pretty amazing campaign. I know he might not have won the nomination but he had everyone going against him. His supporters really followed him to the end. At this point we are still figuring out what to do with ourselves. Ron Paul ran a very strategic and well planned campaign. Unfortunately, it seems as if he just dropped from the media.

Ron Paul's supporters have grown in numbers so much since 2008. Although Paul has been spreading his message for well over thirty years. With the help of the internet people all over the world followed Ron Paul's message and truly believed in it. It was completely different then supporting someone like Mitt Romney or President Obama. The thing with Ron Paul supporters is that they have an understanding of what is really happening in our country. Really all you need to do is research history and you can see a trend in the events that are occurring. Our country is moving towards tyranny and governments have been doing this since the beginning of time. Freedom is new and tyranny is old. People just don't see it yet.

The Ron Paul campaign had no money, just overwhelming amount of support that just kept growing and the internet. The internet was Ron Paul's biggest tool for spreading his message. Ron Paul's message is simple, yet people have a hard time believing it is realistic. No one truly understands how all these economic and social issues came about but they only see one side of the story. For example, I don't mind that woman work but the reason for woman's liberation was because the Rockefeller family funded its advertising. This happened because they wanted the other half of the population taxed. Now you may say well woman's liberation is a great thing and woman are equal. Yes, that is a great thing, but the motivation behind it is evil. Another reason they wanted woman working was because it would break up the family. If both parents are working then they can put the children into school early and teach them what they feel like. So now you have a kid who's family is working and the state and the school become his family. Every public school in The US pushes socialism onto these kids. I know because I was one of them. I used to support Barrack Obama. It took Ron Paul to change the way I thought about things. Nothing makes sense until you understand the truth about how things are working.

Here is a situation I think is interesting. Have you ever heard, "we need to spend more money so the economy gets better". Now what kind of sense does that make? That is like a normal person saying, " I am in debt so I need to spend more debt to get out of debt". It just doesn't work and it used by politicians to receive more money and further increase their power.

So I just wanted to write about how Ron Paul was really impressive for not being the chosen candidate. He made it all the way to it just being Mitt Romney and him. When everyone thought he would drop out he stuck it out. He still received money from supporters and still had thousands of people coming to his speeches. The only thing that held him back was not enough media support and not enough money. If he had those two elements he would be president and he would have beaten Barrack Obama. Even though Ron Paul might be out of the race, don't forget about the hundreds of thousands of peoples hearts he touched. His message will always stick with them.

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