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The Root Cause of Environmental Crisis

Updated on April 26, 2011

When we speak about the environment, we’re speaking about the earth and how it is treated. We then have to consider who is treating the earth in such a way as to cause a serious problem. When we look at the problem of the wanton destruction of the environment, we understand that it’s we, the human beings, who are doing it.

What are we doing that’s causing all the problems? Ultimately, things we don’t need to do in order to survive or to be happy. For example, we destroy the topsoil of the earth by overproducing in the agricultural field so that cattle can be fed. We then kill these animals and eat them. And since it takes so many acres of land to raise just one steer for slaughter, and since that steer does not feed very many people, it ends up a very uneconomical and environmentally destructive way to behave.


Why people have such a hard time giving up the habit of eating meat even though they know it’s bad for their health?

The answer is very simple: People who eat meat crave something they think they need in order to be happy. So it is a sensual desire for this particular taste that makes it so the people can’t stop doing it, even though it is killing his body. The tongue is supposed to help you survive because you eat in order to keep your body alive. We should eat to live, not live to eat.

People know that eating hamburger is bad for the body, yet they still do it even though it’s going to give them a heart attack. So certainly they’re going to continue eating meat even though if they know it’s causing the destruction of the environment. If they can set aside the health of their own body due to the desire to eat meat, then what to speak of setting aside the health of the planet?

Ultimately, we must realize that it’s not enough to just know what the cost is. You have to know the solution, and to know the solution, you have to know the cause.


People figure the only way to be able to continue to have more and more is to recycle everything. They don’t consider that they should change their consciousness so that they don’t endlessly want more and more. They want to continue to live in this “more” consciousness and lifestyle and solve the problem by making sure that everything they eat or use has been eaten or used before.


It destroys the environment; it destroys you spiritually. It takes your consciousness away form trying to find satisfaction within yourself in relationship with God and pulls you in to trying to find satisfaction in the temporary flashes of the senses. It sucks you into the outside world, to the sense objects, and makes you try to satisfy your inner craving with temporary sensual pleasures.


Hedonism is the basis for the entire materialistic society. We want to enjoy our senses more. We lose sight of this when we talk about consumption because we don’t want to actually face the reality.

The real problem is our senses. The problem with all the teenage sex and teenage pregnancies is the lack of control on their genitals. We’re addicted to the meat taste, sexual taste. We’re addicted to this and that. We’ve got to end our addiction. We have to get rid of the idea that happiness comes from having sensual flashes because this leads to endless consumption. When it comes down to it, if we continue to consume endlessly, we’re going to destroy our bodies, our minds, and the planet.


We have to develop a higher taste, higher source of happiness. We’re not advocating unhappiness as the solution to the environmental problem. What we’re advocating is actual happiness, actual enjoyment, and actual satisfaction. If you have actual satisfaction, then the side effect will be that your body and the planet earth will be in better health. The environment will be in better condition because you will be satisfied within yourself.

If you don’t have this spiritual source of satisfaction within yourself, then you’re not going to be anything other than a person trying to find satisfaction through sensual pleasures. Everybody wants to be happy. We all want to be satisfied. But the incessant search for satisfaction in endless consumption and endless sense pleasure ends up creating not satisfaction but rather frustration and emptiness.

I must understand my identity as an eternal spirit soul within a temporary body. I am not my senses; the senses are mine. And as a spirit soul, eternal part and parcel of God, spiritual in essence, I need spiritual food. I am not happy by myself. I am not complete in myself. I need connection and unity with the Supreme Spirit in order to be happy.

Loving union with God brings satisfaction, actual happiness, and good to the world and to yourself.


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