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The Roxas Night Market Incident in Davao City

Updated on September 3, 2016

Roxas Night Market is where there are a lot of street foods, mini massage area, preloved/brand new affordable clothes, balloons, accessories, and many more. It was a fun, buzzing, stress-free place. Basically, this is where people go to unwind, bond with friends/family, pass by to just buy some street food or ice cream. This night market is also located right in front of my alma mater, Ateneo de Davao University.

Last night, I saw a friend’s Facebook post that he heard an explosion from Roxas, and saw emergency vehicles quickly headed towards hospitals. Another friend, posted a status that she heard an explosion and questioned if it was a real explosion or not. I got worried because of my brother who also goes to school there, but then realized he was already home. I then texted my parents about the incident, and thank God they’re also safe.

I went to look at Twitter to check for updates. I saw a lot of people tweeting that they heard and felt the explosion at a faraway distance. A friend of mine posted to Twitter that she was with her friends at 7/11. They suddenly felt the ground shake, and outside a lot of people were running to what looks like a fun run.

Photos and videos were circulating about the bombing. The bombing was said to take place at the massage area where a lot of masseuses died. I was sad to see an aftermath video because the people who died on the spot were working for a living and wanted to unwind. Those people had dreams, and lots of it. In another video, I saw that there were masseuses who are still alive. I was thankful about that, but thinking about them, they’re co-workers died. Some were even crying. The picture that I saw was devastating because seeing the bodies were just disturbing. They were innocent people. They didn’t know what was coming.

It also saddens me to see that there are other Filipinos joking and/or was happy to see that this happened to my city. The Philippine President is from Davao City. And obviously, some people don’t like him. They are comparing the innocent people of 14 to the 2,000 plus drug lords. Some even said, “Where’s the safest city now?” I couldn’t believe they said it too.

I’m praying for the lives for those who have gone to be with God. To their families and friends, to the injured in the hospitals, to all of us who are safe, stay strong.

God bless, Davao.


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