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The Scary Reality of Politics

Updated on November 19, 2015

I know nothing about politiics. I am a writer who failed to be a teacher. Through my work I developed a passion for urban sociology and criminal justice. I am an animal and mental health advocate and a Buddhist. I want to change the world around me because as it stands there is no future for my generation and those after me in this country. People have been talking for more than a decade about flocking to Canada. We were one of them because little me could not do anything big enough to change such big problems of my own.

Running for Baltimore City Mayor was just a joke at first, I would never get elected, but it became serious. The problems in Baltimore I never thought would get so bad. We turned into the laughing stock of the United States. This year, Baltimore has had the highest homicide rate in 16 years. This is my city. I am willing to make changes but I know that elections are all about politics and money. When I talked about my plans to run, one of my neighbors told me to give up and give my ideas to his candidate, his friend. But his friend candidate was a former mayor running again who had stolen money from the city.


It is scary that politics control us that much and someone would have loyalty to a party no matter what. I have an uncle and one of my father in law's friends is like this. They get rewards for campaigning and voting for the same party no matter who is running. Some jobs force their employees to be of a certain political party. That is probably illegal but there is no way to control it and it is too risky to report it. We all need jobs. That is wrong on more levels than I can count. These are the people who govern us and change our laws. They control multiple parts of our lives. Good and bad candidates come from all parties. This is partially a social experiment and it is already turning out sad.

Would you vote for a political candidate that was not of your party?

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It is even scarier to think that millions if not billions of dollars are wasted on campaign funding, just to say "hey, look at me! I'm running for office! Vote me for me! That other guy is a jerk-face!" I think you are showing how much of a jerk-face you are. That money could go to feeding the homeless, animal rescues, schools in your home state, any charity they wanted. Especially now that we have the internet and social media. There is free advertising everywhere online and websites costs less than $100 a year. Having a Facebook page or Twitter account is enough to get noticed and answer questions.

Instead of avoiding it all, I am taking it head on. Being the change, the alternative.


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