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The Scary Side of the Friendzone

Updated on December 10, 2015

I used to defend the friendzone, thinking if a girl is going to constantly complain about her current scumbag boyfriend to a guy, she might as well give him a shot. I was not thinking about them immediately hooking up because that is not what dating is about. Go out with each other for something friends do, see what happens. Something might grow.

Yet when I meet people who claim to have been "friendzoned", they whine about a particular girl not wanting to date them despite only knowing them online or just meeting them. They are not okay with being just friends. And then they put themselves down on social media. Guys, what do you want from the relationship? Sex? The status of having a girlfriend? Because neither of those spell a real relationship. I know it is hard to muster the courage to ask a girl out. However, like most things in life, you are going to fail more than you succeed. Most girls are not going to date people they barely know. First of all, how would you feel if a random gay dude came up to you and said "Hi, I am a nice gay guy. Wanna go out?". Not feeling the romance? There is another reason why girls are less likely to date guys who they just met. Here is why:


Do you believe the "friendzone" is a sexist concept?

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If you are not good with talking to girls, you likely give off the "creepy vibe" which does not put you in league with the guys mentioned in the video. It is merely a characteristic you both have. I do not know if guys understand how much of a threat they can be to a girl. The idea that a girl is expected to date any guy that is nice to her is the reason why the above is so scary. These kinds of stories happen all the time, mostly to girls, and if any red flags come up, we are more inclined to stay away for our own protection. So, sorry to group you with the psychos but we have to stay safe.


Do not be disheartened though. Most of you are good guys with good qualities who just do not know how to talk to girls. You come off as cocky, nervous, or as I said before, creepy. Here's a tip from a girl who knows what it is like to be on that end of the spectrum. Treat a girl the same way you would treat a guy. Honestly, it is that simple. Be our friend because you like being with us for our personality. If all you want is to get into our pants, find an escort.

I can make a post about interaction with females/people in general. Do you have trouble talking to girls or keeping them as friends?

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