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The Secret To Being Successful

Updated on July 10, 2015
You can achieve success
You can achieve success | Source

Can Everyone Reach Success?

Yes. Every living person on the surface of this Earth can be successful if they really want to. I say if they really want to because you would be surprised how many people either don't wish for it or they are nowhere near being willing to make the effort required to reach success. Some people just dream about it and not do a single thing in this direction and then they complain of not getting it and say that it can't be done by anyone.

Everybody wants a better life for themselves and their family. Some don't want for a tone of money or recognition, but they all want enough to cover their bills and expenses, have extra to invest or create a bank deposit, and something on a side that they can reach at all times. Not having to worry about the purchases you make, being able to buy the things that you need or like, in the limits of the common sense now, not wishing to buy all of Picasso's collection, this is what people aspire to. They all want to wake up in the morning thinking that they go to work because they like what they are doing and they want to do this, not because they have to do it in order to make a living.

No job on Earth is fun if you HAVE TO go to work. None. Not even being a superstar. They get so bored and fed up with it that they start abusing drugs and drinking and who knows what other crazy things they resort to in order to cope with the intensity of being a superstar. Lost nights, long concerts or filming movies in extreme conditions and many other things like these will end up being fun at some point, when the novelty of the situation disappears and it all becomes a routine.

This is why people desire money, because they hope to reach that point in which they are doing things because they want to, not because they have to.

Have precises goals and stay on them
Have precises goals and stay on them | Source

Set Your Goals

When you go shopping you know exactly what you need. Maybe a new pair of shoes, a new dress, pants, blouses, or a bit of everything, but you have a clear idea in your mind as you leave home. Things might change once you get there and you see things that weren't on your list, but you like it so much that you decide to buy it anyway. But the idea is that you leave home with a plan, no matter what alterations might suffer later on.

The same happens with the things that you want in your life. If you go shopping for a blouse imagining it how you want it to be to match the rest of your outfit, even knowing what color you want, you need to do the same on every aspect of your life.

You can't just say you want a better job, but not put a name on it. What type of job do you want it to be? What do you want to do exactly? How many hours would you like to spend there? How would you like your co-workers to be like, or your boss, or your office? These are all questions that you need to answer in order to create an exact list of what you want your new job to be like for you to be happy with it.

Creating a clear and precise mental image will make you get that job, house, vacation, or whatever you might desire to achieve.

Do you believe you can achieve success if you put your mind into it?

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Positive people will help you reach your goals faster
Positive people will help you reach your goals faster | Source

Choose Positive People Around Yourself

You have no idea how important the people around you are in achieving your goals. If they drag you down you will never be able to get what you want.

You will recognize them because they are always the ones that no matter what you tell them you want to do they always say it can't be done, they ask you a tone of questions about how you could possibly achieve that, and they will always try to convince you to stop dreaming and get back to the "real world" where things don't happen just because you want them to.

You don't need those people around you so either avoid them at all cost or stop telling them your dreams. You know they will only shut them down and make you second guess yourself.

Putting In The Work

You can imagine it is not enough to just wish to have success and dream about it from your couch or your office chair, you need to set things into motion. If you want a new job, envision how you want it to be like and also look for job ads. If you are not taking action to look for that job, the job won't look for you. It is not like someone will come up to you and tell you they have exactly what you are looking for, you need to search for it.

If you want a new house do you just wait for someone to stop you on the street and hand you the keys or do you look up for house ads and see which suits your dreams? The same is with every aspect of your life. Wish it, create a mental picture of it and then start searching for it.

Always Give Back

Have you wondered why wealthy people always give money to all sorts of charities, orphanages, children or old people hospitals, and so on? Because they know that in order to receive they need to give something back. You will never be a wealthy person if all you want is to accumulate for yourself and not give anything to people who don't know how to achieve the success you've achieved.

My parents always thought me that: "If you give from what you have God will give you back 10 times more than you have given". You can call it as you wish, God, the Universe, the Holy Father, it doesn't matter which name you call it on, the idea is that you will receive much more than you gave because the world's wealth is there for everyone to have it and if you are fortunate enough to access it you need to share it with others who didn't learn the path by now.

Be smart and approach this in a positive way rejecting any negative vibe you might get
Be smart and approach this in a positive way rejecting any negative vibe you might get | Source

Don't Create Negative Images

In order to receive something you need to create a mental picture of how you want that to look like, as I said before. But if you create a negative image, envisioning only the bad stuffs, how you don't want it to be, chances are you might get just that, those things that you are trying so hard to avoid. That is because thinking about them so much you attract them in your life.

The Universe doesn't perceive positive or negative, it just perceives what you send into it. Thinking constantly about something makes you receive exactly that, the things you have created so vividly in your mind.

If you want a great working place, with an understanding fun boss and some great colleagues this is exactly what you need to think at, to envision that great atmosphere that you will encounter at your new workplace, not focus on all the bad stuffs you wish you don't have there.

Wish it ... dream it ... have it.  YOU can do this
Wish it ... dream it ... have it. YOU can do this | Source

The Sky Is The Limit

You have the knowledge on how to get anything you want, now all you have to do is to start applying these "rules". Just try to stay on track, thinking and working on what you want because doing something today and a little more next month won't get you where you want to. It will only prolong the state you are in right now, making you think that this can't really be achieved and giving up when you haven't even tried it for real.

I don't intent to sound like those books you buy that promise to help you get there, but only talk about vague things, I am giving you straight information on how to obtain what you wish. Be positive, have positive people around you, envision what you want to receive, if it is a car go as far as knowing technical details about it, be as specific as possible, for a house even imagine what furniture you will have, color, dimensions, everything.

You can do it, anybody can. You can have everything you wish for if you really want it and you are willing to put in the effort. It won't happen over night, to some it happens in a couple of month to others it takes maybe a few years, but the idea is that as long as you know exactly what you want and you focus on that creating actions that will only take you closer to your dreams, you will get there.

It usually takes more to get there because we don't let ourselves believe we can really have all these, we sabotage ourselves and we don't even realize it. We are so used to believe nothing can come out of dreaming and that dreams don't come true that we don't allow ourselves really envision the things we want, so this leads to not getting them.

Dream it, visualize it, live it. You can have it all, you just need to want it hard enough.


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    • florypaula profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Thank you for reading and commenting Suzanne, I am happy you found it useful. I have learned from my own experience that negative thinking only brings along negative experiences. As crazy as it might sound we build our world, so why not dream of it in a positive way?

      Have a nice day :)

    • Suzanne Day profile image

      Suzanne Day 

      3 years ago from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

      This was useful, especially the part about thinking positively. Often, when we think in a negative way it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and only by having good thoughts can we be proactive and constructive in our goals.


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