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The Secrets of the World in South Africa

Updated on February 18, 2016

Do you believe the world is sharing everything with the public

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Growing up in Africa.

I have been living in South Africa for 33 years now and never have I been so disgusted with this country. The "rich" gets richer and the poor, well let's just say, the rich does not want us here anymore. The "rich" walk into a car dealership demanding a new car with a monthly salary of R6000 and they walk out with a 2016 BMW M3 just because their profile demands it. I am so sick of this and no wonder the world is coming to an end. If the "rich" does not pay their accounts, they simply play the racist card and 'BANG" every one is afraid of doing anything. What is the world coming to..?? Racism is well under control but you will still get the odd one that is happy with nothing, that will play that card. Come on..!!! it has been 20+ years and still people hammer on the same old boring thing. We all are people and sould stand together and not blame each other for our failure. It is childish.


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