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The Seeds of Change

Updated on February 21, 2012
It is insignificant, but it is our home.
It is insignificant, but it is our home.

The Seeds of Change

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

The seeds of change are upon us and how we respond will determine our future. I do not refer to some apocalyptic event in 2012, but something that has been building for some years, something that will define us humanity.

I don’t mean it to sound melodramatic or clichéd, but thinking rather than events have convinced me that we are approaching a turning point of some magnitude. Again, it is not the wrath of God that has created such natural disasters as earthquakes, tsunamis, mining accidents, landslides, drought and famine. It is simply restoring balance, the results of ‘cause and effect’.

I have talked of this many times in my hubs, but I feel compelled to continue along these lines because people don’t fully understand the impact. Humanity has taken our beautiful blue planet hostage, thieving and pillaging, stripping it of all its resources to the point where the natural order has been compromised. Our blind and arrogant interference with nature has driven it to respond to gain balance. These responses can be harsh and devastating to mere mortals, who are merely part of the echo systems that we now ignore and destroy.

Humanity is the only species on this planet that have taken themselves outside the natural order and done exactly what they please, regardless of the impact. This action proves beyond doubt how arrogant and unintelligent we are. We are biting the hand that feeds us, and for what? Those in power on this planet are elected through processes based on money and power rather than consideration for the welfare of both home and people. By the nature of process and ideology, governments are corrupt and motivated by political preservation rather than democratic action and maintenance. Therefore, humanity is flying in a holding pattern, upholding the poor decisions of the past and doing nothing to create a positive future.

The state of the world has gone far beyond politics, far beyond what anyone could do to turn around the inequities of life in the 21st century. For this reason alone, the seeds of change are fast approaching. The natural order of balance in the universe is upheld by a force we do not understand; some people call it God, others science. But whatever it is balance will be reached with or without our cooperation.

The seemingly escalating pattern of disasters can be explained away by science and recorded history, but it is more the thoughts of people that give away the impending need for radical change. Human consciousness must expand, awareness of what is important become the focus of our future humanity. Being lost in wealth accumulation and material gain must be put into perspective and given a lesser focus. The well-being of family, children and relationships must be realised in our priorities and spiritual happiness, compassion and love must endure as our greatest human assets. Without this change, this shift of consciousness, humanity is doomed.

So what will it take to change the world we have created? Do we need an apocalyptic event, a worldwide disaster that wipes out half of humanity? Perhaps we do. I can’t see the status quo changing without some major shift, either by natural forces or even some epiphany of realisation. Without it how can we change as a species? We are dug in and set in our ways.

I pray that people will take on this message and change their thinking about how we can change this mess we have created. We must find it in our hearts to forgive, find compassion and love, rejecting the fears that now control our lives. Whatever will happen in the next few years will happen for the good, however bad it may seem at the time. I just pray that humanity realises what is brewing and at least tries to head in the right direction.

The natural world will be restored one way or another. It is about time that humanity became a conscious part of that world.


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