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The Selective Crocodile Tears of New York's Mayor Bloomberg...

Updated on July 14, 2013

The Selective Crocodile Tears of New York’s Mayor Bloomberg…

Sunday before I left for church and Monday before I left for work, I saw our intrepid, New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, making the rounds on all the news shows voicing his disdain for all gun owners, even, apparently, those citizens who are law abiding. Mayor Bloomberg’s face has been seen more times than the local authorities who are governing Aurora where the massacre took place… but what the Big Apple Mayor will not tell you is that every single day, he gladly gives his perverted, tacit assent and blessings to the dozens of babies we murder here under the holocaust of abortion. You will not here anything out of Mayor Bloomberg because these murders are taking place in the privacy of hospital rooms and also that Bloomberg covets the voting block that supports the unfettered killing of babies. In addition to Mayor Bloomberg selective empathy, we are also going to hear the outrage by the Hollywood denizens who are going to prepare faces for the occasion, but they too will not say a peep for the slaughter of the innocents.

Mayor Bloomberg and the rest of the baby killing cheer-leading section will no doubt tell me in no uncertain terms that Abortion is the law of the land - and right they are, but so too are the rights to bear arms, which, incidentally, was specifically spelled out and has a better pedigree in our Constitution than the murdering judicial verbiage found in Roe v. Wade and the successive cases. Now, I am not going to sit here and tell you that I understand why someone would want a sub-machine gun that can murder dozens of people in seconds, but so too have I tried to fathom how Mayor Bloomberg and our President can be viscerally emotional about what happened in Aurora, and rightfully so, but nonchalant and cavalier or in even advocating and placing their respective John Hancocks on legislation enacted to murder the unborn.

I do not know the happy medium in the debate about gun control and I supposed there is none for apposing advocates like Mayor Bloomberg - I on the other hand cannot compromise with Abortion because that would be akin to my choosing which of my children to save. Right here in New York where there are tough gun laws, thousands of guns were confiscated from the bad guys and in President Obama’s Chicago where they boast about having the toughest gun laws, people are dying, like from the plague, to fit into what seems like permanent chalk outlines. I wonder if someone in the Aurora movie theatre audience were “packing,” and had fired two well placed ‘tap, tap,’ center mass, perhaps, it would have saved a whole lot of grief for the people of Colorado. Even Bloomberg can get that kind of thinking because every day he takes the subway to work, surrounded by burly cops ‘packing’ weapons - I know he is the Mayor and he deserves protection, but so too are those citizens who are law abiding and feel the need to protect themselves and families due to the fact that the police may be busy, Jesus forbids, during that home invasion, rape, or robbery.

I have no dog in this hunt because, if I recalled, the last time I fired a weapon was in Fort Lewis and the last time I handled a hand gun was trying to prevent my best friend from making mince meat out of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Years ago, I used to watch the original Star Trek and every time Kirk and the crew came across a species that were at the mercy of another - they would breach what the Federation called the Prime Directive and ‘equal the killing fields’ by giving the species at a disadvantage weapons to give them a fighting chance to thrive.’ Our Constitutional Second Amendment is akin to ‘equaling the killing fields’ for law abiding citizens against the legion of bad guys out there who have nefarious ambitions, and, moreover, are armed, notwithstanding the gun laws in places like New York or Chicago….


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