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The Selfishness Delimma

Updated on December 27, 2017

What are you talking about?

Within this country, many large corporations and business owners preach about "Family Values" when, in reality, they do nothing to help families or the community.

Examples are Outsourcing, reducing paid leave for new families, and reducing the number of jobs available for financial gain.


Now I understand that everyone throws around the term Outsourcing against big businesses constantly and whenever they don't feel that they are getting enough jobs. It wouldn't be a stretch to suppose that the word has lost true meaning because people hear it so often. However, it is still a pressing issue especially here in the United States.

Ford Motor Company said that after the election of Donald Trump that they'd begin to build more factories here, which would create more jobs here, but instead they came out with a statement that they are opening a new factory in China to produce a Ford Focuses. Another article discussing this comes from the Huffington Post,here's a link. According to that article, Ford was supposed to create a new factory in Mexico till President Trump called them out for hypocrisy and then they decided to move production to China.

Another example is the General Electric company, they have been Outsourcing for years and continue to even after coming under fire. Here's an article that discusses this. The site shows that over 30% if GE jobs are done overseas.

Yet Another is Caterpillar who grew as a business but didn't decide to grow here. Instead, they grew overseas by roughly 32% and over here by roughly 8%

Even small businesses have decided to outsource jobs such as those created by Born to Sell. They created the company here and instead of hiring people here, they decided to hire freelancers overseas that did the job at a much cheaper price.

And as someone who lives in the United States, I see why people do these things. Why should I pay $10/ph when I could pay $0.10 overseas? Well, when starting up it is hard to compete with large companies and you need to grow fast so go ahead and outsource because then you have more money to reinvest here in the US. But instead, they make a bunch of money and decide that they shouldn't come back over because they can make so much money quickly overseas.

Family Leave:

In the US mothers are allowed to leave work for 12 weeks on maternity, sounds good right? Wrong, these 12 weeks are unpaid meaning that the mother will most likely need to go back to work to support the child they just had before she has been able to properly create a bond with their new child. In case the week form of showing how long doesn't show how messed up this is, it is roughly 3 months rounding up. For new mothers this is terrible. First, they have to carry the baby around for 9 months just so it can get pushed out and whine for the next year if not more. And, since she must stay off of work for 12 weeks to recover, she doesn't have a job and therefore no income. In other countries, the company's that didn't provide paid leave would be fined or punished in some way. But here they get a slap on the wrist and get told to encourage leave.

The infographic after this section shows how hypocritical the US is to preach "Family Values" when so many other countries give actual paid leave for their new parents. The U.K gives roughly 9 months of paid leave, China gives 3 months but the mother still gets paid, even in the "poor" countries such as Mexico and India, there is 100% paid maternity leave for longer than the US promises.


Replacing of jobs:

It should be no surprise to many that with the advancement in robotics and Artificial Intelligence that there is a reduction in the workforce at the lower levels. In a good economy, this would provide an incentive for people to start pursuing a higher education. But the problem is that if there are no entry level jobs, how are people suppose to pay for college? A student loan I hear you say, but what if the job they are pursuing gets changed out while they are studying to become one or maybe they take out more than they need. So someone is stuck paying tons of money that they will never get back in the hopes that they can find a job somewhere.

That is the problem with this country. A heavily used example is, I need a job to get a car but I need a car to get a job. How is someone supposed to get a job if they can't drive to it? Oh, they have a family that can help them. Sure, if they didn't die or actually have a higher education in order to provide for their children. But less and less now do people see parents who can support their children in their ventures. Whether it's taking them to their job or helping them find one.

Let's talk about homeless people if they have a kid. It is less likely for them to be able to provide for it and the parent will most likely die. But "they just aren't trying," except where are the resources that they can use that everyone talks about? The shelters that make you go through tons of hoops and background checks just to stay there for a couple of nights, or the soup kitchens that aren't government funded because we need more bombs. It doesn't make sense that there are still people who have to live on the streets when "the economy is so good."

I get there has been a depression and people don't want to help each other but I wonder what bred that kind of thinking? Maybe the way society is structured to always be looking out for number one.


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