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The Shame of Categorizations of Individuals and Black Lives Matter Movement

Updated on July 16, 2016

Categorization happens when you categorize an individual when he or she does something and say that the whole group did it. When someone categorizes someone no critical thinking his done on his or her part, it is just based off assumptions. The person that is being categorized rather he or she is a Jew, a Christian, or African American is an individual first. For example, in eye of the recent tragic events. The Sniper that killed the five police officers in Dallas, he was an African American. Since that tragic event there has been categorizations online assuming that all African Americans did this horrible crime. This impulsive thinking arrives out of anger. The sniper was an individual that acted out of his own actions and does not speak for the minds of other African Americans. An eye for eye does not solve anything. I read a comment online that said." we should just kill all the black people, just round them up and kill them all, all are no good." This is the kind of thinking that categorization breeds. Further more this commenter excludes himself as being savage. People have got to get out of their heads and think outside of the box. Common sense is suppose to tell a person that there are savages in every race.

According to "Aren’t More White People Than Black People Killed By Police? Yes, But No." (2016), , statistics show that there are more whites killed more than blacks. What the statistics does not show is the statistics of senseless killings done by police to "blacks". The statistics that have come out, it's only purpose is to oversimplify the issue so that it seems small. Many European Americans get offended at the Black Lives Matter Activist Movement, this can stem from guilt or a lack of knowledge. There is a lack of understanding of why it is called Black Lives Mater. Black lives Matter did not birth out of racism, it birth from the senseless killings of African American's. That is why it is called Black Lives Matter. I have seen other comments online saying that black people blame whites for everything. This commenter is saying that he can read minds and that he knows how all African Americans think. If you are not a racist, then you should not have to worry about the assumption that "black people blaming white people for everything white people do." For some reason when some European Americans see African Americans on the news getting killed, they feel they are being blamed for it. Or, if some of them hear something about slavery they feel they are being blamed for that to. What they perceive is imagined and they are putting weight on their own shoulders and hearts. However, there are "some" African Americans that blame European Americans for slavery, and that would mean they are categorizing all whites right? In turn if those European Americans categorized African Americans as all African Americans that believe all whites are at fault for slavery then they are categorizing also. People should be judged as individuals and not put into groups, and saying that the whole group did it. This is barbaric thinking.

Those European Americans that perceive African Americans as all African Americans that blame "whites" for everything, imagine that African American's are looking for some apologetic hand out. This comes from the confusion of guilt that has clouded their judgement . Psychological warfare by the media is also the culprit of most of the confusion. The media will make one group feel special and privileged while it makes the other group the enemy. What the privileged group will not ever recognized is that it is being played as well. When the rights of someone has been violated due to a senseless killing, your rights have been violated to. No matter if the person is not of your race. When any person rather they are African American, Hispanic, etc, rights have been violated in a senseless manner, your rights are violated to. The biggest victim of them all are the brain washed privileged ones. They knowing you will just stand there looking on watching in disgust of what you hate about the person that is being persecuted before your very eyes senselessly, thinking your racist views. Counting on you to do what your programmed to do, because you are the very ones that helped them bring in Martial law. Why do you think is the reason why they want to take your guns?


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    • pan1974 profile image

      April 17 months ago from Columbus,Ga

      Thank you

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 17 months ago from Shelton

      I trust and respect this hub.. everyone has their own personal take and each one comes with truth and words written from the heart such as you did... very well written hub Pan..:)