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The #SpreadYourAwareness Challenge!!

Updated on September 23, 2015
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The '#SpreadYourAwareness Challenge' Story...

I've been in, kind of a 'writer's block' for the past couple months. I've been keeping up with the real World, all around us, and all it's various topics. It's been a crazy roller coaster, out there lately. Been seeing alot of sadness, anger, debate, tragedy, outrage, and things that don't quite make sense. I've also seen some positivity going on out there also.

Been seeing a lot of hype over 'hashtags' for this, and that. Recently I've seen the increasing debates on '#ShoutYourAbortion' which was soon followed by, '#ShoutYourAdoption' and, so on. I read the comment sections of all these various 'hashtags' for things, on social media and there are always a few good arguments, debates, and comments, but there are always so many negative, childish, and unnecessary arguments, debates, and comments. all the negativity makes me think, we as a people have too much time on our hands. Why not turn that extra time and energy into something a little more positive instead? I kept thinking...

Been also seeing a lot of hype over these various 'challenges', at first the 'challenge' thing was cool, like the 'Ice Bucket Challenge' for ALS and others that were for awareness, and causes. Then they just seemed to get really dumb, really quick. I mean, things like the 'cinnamon challenge'...the 'Kylie Jenner Challenge'...the 'fire challenge'...really? The list of these horrible excuses for 'challenges' could go on. Again, I thought to myself, this is just more proof that we as a people have to much time on our hands. Why not turn this extra time and energy into a positive? No more negativity...We as a people should be more positive, educated on things, happy, prepared, and most of all aware.

Behold, the wonderful '#SpreadYourAwareness Challenge' was born!


What is the '#SpreadYourAwareness Challenge' for?

My idea behind the '#SpreadYourAwareness Challenge' was to think outside of the box, and be more aware as a people, of things around us, or within us that media doesn't always cover, or perhaps want us to be aware of.

Have you ever wondered why there is more awareness spread about one thing than another, or perhaps you have something you know of that you'd like to bring awareness to, or maybe there is already an awareness out there, that you stand proudly with. Now is your time to share, and spread that awareness to others!!

My hope is that the '#SpreadYourAwareness Challenge' will take place of the negativity, we sometimes see all over our social media accounts, and feeds. Rather than spreading things that divide us, we as a people need to be coming together, learning more than ever before, talking, and becoming aware!!


How to do the '#SpreadYourAwareness Challenge'!!

The '#SpreadYourAwareness Challenge' is simple!! Pick something you wish there was more awareness about, wether it be a current event, health problem, specific community, anything you want to spread awareness about!!

Once chosen, Use your favorite Social Media Outlet (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc...) to share a fact and/or 'why?' about your chosen awareness, along with a positive picture, video, or quote, along with #(YourAwarenessHere)Awareness and #SpreadYourAwareness, and tag or 'challenge' 10 of your friends to #SpreadYourAwareness and spread some of their own as well!! Happy Spreading!!

See example pic below...

Example Picture.


© 2015 Diana De La Vega


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