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The Silence About Brucellosis And Its Consequences For All Of Us

Updated on October 4, 2012

The New York Times published a piece today (August 19, 2012) entitled "Tropical Diseases: The New Plague of Poverty," once again concerning the "myth" that parasitical disease is exclusive to the poor. It ought to be clarified that it is a "poor" government control that causes the spread of parasitical disease, not simply that a person or family is "poor." Likewise in the United States, government does little - and always has - to control parasitical disease, particularly where it is warranted in any industry that deals with the slaughter or care of animals, whether it be vetenarinism, meat-packing, slaughterhouses, and farming, even when Public Health Laws written virtually in every state call for the monitoring of persons working in these industries.

Brucellosis (a/k/a “Brucella”) is a disease that can be used as a biological agent and can be contracted either through aerosol spray of the contaminant, blood spatter from infected animals, milk products, or simply breathing in the contaminated dead carcasses of animals. In and around World War II, the disease was produced for use as a biological weapon in the United States. The project was dismantled in and around the late 1950s. Nevertheless, this disease, although purportedly rare, is often left undiagnosed and therefore not treated in the United States. That this disease has the power to destroy a country and its people (it is endemic in Baghdad, for example) is the reason it is listed as a reportable disease; yet, as I have explained in other posts, not one doctor will test for it. Why? Well, let me just say it is why I call my blog and website That West Nile Virus (a disease not formerly seen in the United States) and Lyme disease, a disease left to conjecture, would prompt national reporting – and that Brucella and its close cousin Bartonella are never spoken about, should be enough to raise eyebrows or spurn thinking – but they currently do not. Why?

Brucella’s effects on any society, when left to run amok among a particular country’s people, will produce much the same effects we are seeing today in the people of the United States: a divided people, a “dumbing down” of a population (it affects learning abilities in children), a “collectiveness” of a people, a shallowness of mind, psychological manifestations, hormonal imbalance in both men and women (when have men needed prescription doses of testosterone at age 45?), chronic disease of every variety (given that brucella mimics virtually any disease), a sick and volatile, and exaggerated sexual prowness (Brucella affects the hormones of both men and women and thus provokes psychological sexual obsession and induces violence because of its effects on these hormones) and can live in up to three generations in a family. It can produce “psychosis” (depending on the latent propensity that exists in a person) and has been given some press when associated with some of the most heinous crimes committed in the United States and Canada (not coincidentally, for example, the Associated Press and The New York Times reported at different times but with the same observation that two serial killers, one in Canada [who killed 20 women] and another in the United States [who killed 10 women] both “grew up on pig farms.” Why would they report that? Is it mere coincidence that Brucella Suis, a strain of Brucella, that comes from pigs, is known to cause psychosis, as well as Taenia Solium, a tapeworm? Rarely are these parasitical diseases even considered in the differential diagnosis of persons who work in pig farms or meat-packing industries. Why?).

Finally, that we in our country currently have one-third of our people chronically ill, that we have the West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease afflicting many in various states (when the symptoms of West Nile Virus and Lyme are almost identical to Brucella) but we do not have any physicians testing or treating Brucella, should raise many eyebrows at least to prompt themselves to ask the question: Why is Brucella not diagnosed or treated in the United States? Another question we all should demand answers to is what is contained in the “aerosol” sprays that are currently being dispensed in the various states in the United States?

In July 2009 The Irish Times reported Ireland free of brucellosis. Should not the United States also aim for eradication of this disease as well? See also this article from the National Library of Medicine’s website and these, and

That brucellosis is not diagnosed or tested for in the United States (even though it is curable) should prompt all of us to be asking our government and our physicians why this is so, especially when this disease can be transferred in utero and we as a people are becoming more “collective” and divided and complaining about fatigue and “senior moments” in our thirties. That one-third of our people are chronically ill is an outrage and there ought not be silence about this disease any longer, especially when warnings about the potential spread have been written about in scientific literature. Finally, although an abstract was not available regarding the spread of Brucella to dogs, this article about its spread in North Carolina in dogs should be of interest to anyone who would like to dig deeper into this disease’s neglect in the United States. For why would it be necessary to withhold the abstract on this article? What is all the secrecy about?

Brucella if not reported can weaken a country. That is because persons with the disease can live a long time at great cost to us with our current medical care system. There is a cure for it and efforts must be demanded from the people to erradicate this disease from our country.


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  • cynthtggt profile image

    Cynthia Taggart 5 years ago from New York, NY

    Thanks for stopping by, James. Yes, they do have it; that's right! I wish I could tell you here what is happening to me since bringing attention to this because it is a mindblower - but I'll save that for another day. Stay warm in the storm!

  • James A Watkins profile image

    James A Watkins 5 years ago from Chicago

    Wow. I had not heard of this. According to the list of symptoms you reported, it sure sounds as if 52% of my fellow Americans have this disease already! :-)

    Thank you for yet another excellent Hub. I learn something new from you every time.