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The Silent Majority

Updated on February 24, 2017
Trump and the nations first lady in Florida
Trump and the nations first lady in Florida

The phrase, “Silent Majority” has been tossed around by politicians for years. Most notably by Richard Nixon way back in 1969.

According to Wikipedia, the term dates back to the 19th century and refers to the dead—those deceased—the silent majority.

Winston Churchill used the phrase, and more than likely many others, in referring to those they hoped supported their candidacy. Like a mighty column holding up a building, the Silent Majority holds up a candidate but doesn’t say much.

Then you have the “Silent Minority” which is like it sounds. A minority or small group who supports a candidate.

In either case, Minority or Majority, they are a group that doesn’t boast or stand out from the crowd. But who are they?

Well outside of being dead, the living breathing members of either group could be your neighbors, coworkers, family members, strangers on the street…essentially, anyone. They don’t talk politics, per se, and will go out of their way to avoid being involved.

They do their talking at the polls, rather than to you or me. They vote emotionally, radically, spontaneously, logically, and illogically. They vote in swarms and individually, but always invisibly. Afterwards they go about their daily routines without leaving a clue that they voted at all.If their candidate wins you will not hear much as a peep from them. Same goes if they loose.

For a politician, this can be both thrilling and frightening depending on which side of the vote you’re on.

Yeah, they are quiet. Except for this past weekend of course, where the Silent Majority demonstrated, rioted, and threw bricks, broke windows, wrote graffiti declaring the current administration Fascist Nazis?


We had a weekend of cheers, applauds, and support for our President. The Silent Majority who did their talking at the polls, and not in the streets, rose out of slumber and supported him at rallies in Florida.

It all started last Thursday at a press conference where Trump chastised the press, followed by a rally at the Boeing plant in South Carolina. He continued his surge at a campaign style rally in Florida where he looked more like Candidate Trump rather than the person the Media beat up and left for dead—a wounded duck the Media had described over the past month.

His supports came out in masses. The Silent Majority awoke, for a weekend anyway, showing that they still support their President and they did it all without breaking a window, burning a car or writing graffiti demonizing opponents.

As a friend said…they took the high road.

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