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The Simple Life in the Rural Areas of Papua New Guinea depicting a decent Life

Updated on March 22, 2016

Sustainable Lifestyle

Papua New Guinea is always classed as one of the poorest developing country in the world in terms of our HDI and other concerned assessments. However, the beauty of the place is that people don’t entirely depend on money for survival nor some of the regulatory systems of the environment are enforceable at the door steps. Fortunately, the place can be called Paradise to a stranger from the middle of a big city in the developed world.

Life in the towns and cities is paying bills, working hard to earn for the bread of the day and while at the same time abide by the residency regulatory systems of the town. Living in a simple village in Papua New Guinea is a totally a different scenario. The house is built of the readily available house materials straight from the jungle, water is free where access and availability is something that one cannot look for in settings that mostly have creeks and rivers run by and food is easily access through subsistence farming, hunting and fishing without strings tied to the kind of activity practiced.

The land is a birth right by custom every single person born under the clan is given pieces of land for use for survival. Unlike the urban settings where we apply for land title and other necessary documents to do activities on the land, land in the rural villages is easily access for survival.

Sustainable Lifestyle in remote PNG


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