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The Situation In Syria Is Why Presidents Get Gray Hair While In The White House...

Updated on July 16, 2013

The Situation In Syria Is Why Presidents Get Gray Hair In The White House…

One can conspicuously see the physical changes, manifested in aging, among other traits, that the men who have occupied the White House as Presidents go through due to the stress of the office. Governing is not an easy task and no more so than the present turmoil confronting President Obama, as leader of the free world, on the ongoing heart-wrenching, genocide of the Syrian people being perpetrated by the dictator, Bashar al-Assad, the current leader of Syria. The choices at President Obama’s disposal are not a cake walk and all are all fraught with geo-political material consequences. Right off the bat, it would seem obvious and prudent to want to overthrow Basher al-Assad because of his autocratic rule, especially punctuated by his brutality on not only opposition combatants - but including the alleged use of Chemical Weapons on women and children.

Notwithstanding the line drawn in the sand by President Obama, which, basically told Assad that were he to use Chemical Weapons that it would be a game changer... this has apparently happened and now the world, especially the bad guys, are looking to see if President Obama is man of his word because they too have these weapons and would like to use them to quell internal dissent. We are in a situation where our aid is being given to our enemies like al Qaeda, but this now is the nature of modern foreign policy and the outcome is foggy because the Government that succeeds the Assad regime in Syria may be, believe it or not, worse than what is there now... I need not discuss Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak….

There are many tactical actions we could pursue in resolving the brewing Syrian issue: boots on the ground is a ‘no’ because of the hard, difficult lessons learned in the losses of American blood and treasure in both the Iraqi and Afghani war theatres. We are most anxious about the Chemical Weapons that Assad has in his arsenal that can be had, if and when the rebels take over. This is of great importance because of the region and the players involved – imagined al Qaeda getting its Jihadist hands on these lethal weapons of mass destruction? You say why not blow to smithereens these weapons since our Intelligence, assisted by the Israelis, are privy to where they are; then what of the lethal cloud that might affect, not only the Syrian people, but the neighboring, surrounding states.

Even were our air-crafts to go in, there are Russian units manning the sophisticated radars in that war theatre… are we going to attack and possibly kill Russians or do we trust the Russians enough to give them a heads up, even though they happen to be a staunch ally of the Assad regime? When the current regime falls who is going to take over – lest we forget the slow genocide of Christians being perpetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, while the newly, Democratically elected government by omission allows the massacre of said Coptic Christians. It must be brought to the fore that there are many Christians in Syria too, and, as terrible as Assad has been, he, taking a lesson from his father before him, has not interfered with the Syrian Christian rights to worship. Twice before - in Lebanon and Egypt - the world has left Christians at the mercies of Radical Islam and the Christians have paid in blood!

There are times, when I look at my children, nieces, and nephews, I shudder of the world that they are inheriting; I say this because, just how now all the economies are intertwined, so are the world’s conflicts. Does anyone thinks that al Qaeda or some off shoot will not someday get their hands on these weapons of mass destruction – do you not think that these weapons are not going to eventually reach these relatively, peaceful shores? I hope then that whoever is at the seat of our government controlling the tip of our spear will take a lesson from the Romans of old.

There is a salient reason why when we study history that we come across the word decimate: we are told that if any citizen in a given area killed a Roman soldier, ten citizens from that same area would be painfully killed as deterrence for killing that one Roman soldier – so it must be for those who would use weapons of mass destruction on us in the near future. Back to the overall theme of this blog... and, so, when we see President Obama literally turning gray since he has been in office, and, in addition, when we looked at the rapid aging former President Carter went through… we must know that it is the weight of the office where many of its burdens are not only domestic, but international.


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