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Slum Dogs & Upper Dogs (Home)

Updated on February 21, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

Approximate Building Cost Rs.5,000,000.000 Only

THIS IS THE HOUSE ( Palace ) of a Billionaire businessman.The PARTY HALL AT THE TOP MIGHT HAVE COSTED OVER Rs.Several Lakhs.
THIS IS THE HOUSE ( Palace ) of a Billionaire businessman.The PARTY HALL AT THE TOP MIGHT HAVE COSTED OVER Rs.Several Lakhs.

The Qualification for a Slum.


The Slum Estate in the same area.

A Row of Slum Houses in the same area.Unauthorized Constructions on Govt Land.
A Row of Slum Houses in the same area.Unauthorized Constructions on Govt Land.


A Apartment Complex right in Front of the POSH slum House.

Another Flat Right in Front of Slum House Picture Shown Above.

The house of another Millionaire in the same area.

A Millionaires House.
A Millionaires House.

One More Beautiful Slum in the Same Area.

Who are the SLUM LOVERS.?

The word SLUM became famous after the film by name SLUM DOG MILLIONAIRE which won several Oscars.My friend went and adopted a Slum Home and gave them what ever they needed like cooking gas connection,a electric table fan and school fee for the kids who went to school.Another friend went to film a documentary on slum kids.

The slums are protected monuments of local politicians.They would want more slums so they can get more votes.The slum dwellers get electric connections but no water connections.However public drinking water taps are provided right in front of their houses.They do not pay any property tax.They are on Govt Lands which were kept vacant to be used for play grounds or parks.When there was no such activity due to unhygienic conditions slowly the place was home to homeless and other such people who took the side of local politician to get in to such areas.

A multi storey building right in front of the slum,a big apartment complex also in front of the slum can be seen and they are their since over 25 years.The rent for these houses are collected by people who rule the land since first occupation.they are unseen and no one knows where they stay.They come and collect the rent at the time known only to the concerned persons.The payment is very prompt.There is no question of non payment and so also any dispute.

The Multi story complex was built by some influential builder and sold flat by flat.Another is owned by a govt servant.The rent this guy getting is Rs.1,25,000 per month.We do not know how many more such buildings he has.There are number of houses that were in existence prior to Govt taking over the land to convert it in to residential colony,these houses are built with out any plan so much so there are no exit roads but only entrance.

How such houses got permission to build as they are is no wonder.The authorities who grant such building plans sanctioned are publicly known to be corrupt and they sanction plans at a price.The Bangalore Development Authority is known for its corruption.Lot of Vacant lands are seen in many areas vacant over 25 years.Persons who have purchased these lands to build their houses are made to build the houses with in 10 years after they get the land but there is no such law as to what should be done if the person does not build the house.

There are houses built lavishly like palace and guarded with several dogs.There is a hot water swimming pool in a house of one of the politician,he has over 25 guest rooms in his palace.The Bed Room is Circular giving 360 degree view of the surrounding sky and sky light.There is a Lift too.

Most of the houses belong to a particulor community.Local unemployed youths are the muscle power of the local politician.Politics by these politicians has led to people getting several benifits like pension for destitute women,marriage expenses to such persons who are having several voter ID cards with them.Grant of Bank loans to such persons who know how to drive a car for owning a Taxi.Social religious groups getting financial help etc.

Why not these persons adopt a slum house,sorry they do not need it and they do not want it as it is below their prestige to get free benefits with out asking for it.


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