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The Sound of Silent Screams

Updated on December 27, 2014

To have the freedom to take in a breath every two to four seconds is something that most people do not take the time to contemplate and appreciate. To have the freedom to express with others our feelings of pain and despair is something that most people do not truly appreciate. What about those that do not have the ability to speak for themselves? Or what about those that are not able to cry for help when needed, or even those who lash out in total desperation trying to flee from ultimate destruction? What about the audible and inaudible screams of a child that is slowly having its life snuffed away by an abortion procedure? Who is there to hear the silent screams? Who is there to watch in horror as an unborn child tries to move away from the very instruments that are often used to help sustain life, slowly be used to tear pieces of its own flesh away from its tender body? To envision an unborn child, or even a born child, slowly have members of its body being torn away is such a sickening thought. The miracle of life, the gift of two becoming one, is now becoming no more than a commodity. To keep or not to keep that is the question. Why did we let this happen? This is reminiscent of the child sacrifices to the God of Baal in ancient times. The children, sometimes unborn children taken from the womb, were placed on the altars of Baal and sacrificed. The blood would flow in rivers below the altar as the children were screaming. How is this different from what we do today with our own abortion procedures? We are taking away lives that may have a positive impact on the world in the future. We are allowing murder to continue right before our very eyes. We fight so ferociously for gun control, for homosexual rights, for equal rights for all, but will we so easily turn a blind eye to the murder of children? We have allowed for the murder of at least fifty five million children due to abortion procedures since the passing of Roe V Wade. Who will hear the silent screams? Who will actually take a stand against this? How many children need to die before we wake up and see the genocide occurring right before our eyes? Evil only prevails when good men do nothing. The little children that are knit together in a mother’s womb are being attacked. Will we, the individuals who are very capable of projecting our screams so that people may hear, stand up and fight for those who only wish that we could hear their silent cries? We the people who have life, will we not allow other people the same opportunity to experience life and live it to the full? Will we the people fully capable of fighting, stand by and do nothing? I pray that those of us with our voices use them to fight for those that are not capable of vocalizing their own cries for help.


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