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The Stoning of Sarah Palin

Updated on December 17, 2009 / CC BY-SA 2.0 / CC BY-SA 2.0

Fifteen Minutes of fame

Recently Entertainment Tonight aired a show that featured the father of Sarah Palin's grandchild, Levi Johnston. On the show Johnston hinted at the possibility that the former Governor may have been unfaithful to her husband Todd. As the little man, who lives in a glass house began to throw stones, not one question was put to him, asking why he refused to step up and take responsibility of being a father to his son, nor did anyone bother to ask why he failed to make the mother of his child, his wife. He did make mention of his having a new job however, posing nude for "Playgirl Magazine." While I will agree that, if you want to discuss infidelity and irresponsible behavior, you couldn't possibly pick a better candidate ; his credibility however leaves a lot to be desired. Here is a young no name person, without an education or degree if you will, no steady job, no special skill and most of all no notable accomplishments. Yet he gets on national television and in a futile effort to grab his fifteen minutes of fame begins to verbally assault one of the most successful and accomplished women of our time. Bashing Sarah Palin was not the sad part, the sad part is the way the press begins to circle like a school of blood thirsty sharks at the mere mention of the former vice Presidential candidate soiling herself. Why is Palin considered such a threat to Liberal America? If she is such a blundering, air head, that is nothing more than a pawn in a political game, then why the relentless attacks on her and her family? Not even her downs syndrome baby is spared from this ruthless blood-letting. Johnston's recent attack on Palin is by far not the first, nor will it be the last. It appears that the Liberal press won't rest until Sarah Palin goes away for good. The badgering began almost instantaneously with her invitation to be John McCain's running mate. From the outset the media made it clear that they planned to go for the jugular. Starting with her religion, when the press found out that Palin was Pentecostal, they immediately began calling her a religious fanatic. Then the news of her daughter getting pregnant out-of-wedlock became public knowledge, the media had a feeding frenzy. Yet as bad as all that was, it paled in comparison to the all out bludgeoning the press gave the former Alaskan Governor throughout the remainder 2008, Presidential election.

Le Femm De Threat

The Then Governor of Alaska life was turned upside down when she was suddenly chosen as Republican Presidential Candidate John MCcain's running mate. Though she had, had no notible ambitions of becoming Vice President, or President, she quickly and dutifully stepped up to the challenge.

Sarah Palin's Surprise at being picked as the Republican Vice Presidential Candidate was mild compared to the complete melee that it caused in the Democratic party. Once the Obama camp managed to pry it's chin off it's chest they realized they had been dealt a major blow. As the smoke cleared and the left wingers managed to get up off their knees they began to realize they had to stop this woman at all cost. But why?

Out of the north came the "Snow Rose" Alive, fresh, sweet and most of all beautiful; Sarah Palin stepped into the national lime light. Yet like the flower used to describe her Palin was so much more than a pretty face. Born with a "do or die " attitude she went from home coming queen in the little town of Wasilla to Governor of Alaska. However it wasn't the trophies and elections that she had won that had the Democrats shaking in their boots, It was her track record of wins (even while playing with a broken foot) and her outstanding work record that had them fear stricken. While serving as City counsel woman and more so as Governor, Palin cut taxes and raised revenue. If that wasn't enough the Madam Counsel woman kept a jar full of names on her desk and would pick one at random once a week call them and ask how they thought the City was doing. To lower taxes, put money back into the budget, and keep the public involved was just absolutely unacceptable to the "spend it before you make it" Obama regime. They knew they had to silence Palin at all cost, because they certainly weren't going to try and come up to her standards.


Operation Character Assasination

What do you say about someone with an almost flawless record? To bring down such a foe you must look closely to find the chinks in the armor. While Sarah Palin was a great City Counsel women and Governor she was no foriegn policy expert. It wasn't much but it was a start, but there must be skeletons in her closet somewhere, they just had to look harder, they must leave no stone(that wasn't thrown) unturned. When Palin's marriage was found to be solid they turned to her children; The down syndrome child, the older son's and the daughters. Daughters? That's it! Seventeen year old Bristol Palin was pregnant and unwed this was the fly in the oinment they had been looking for. This Just might be enough scandalous information to silence this Sarah do-good, for good.

Before long the news of the unwed teenage daughter carrying the illegitimate child spread world wide. This already stressed and worried teen was baraged by T.V. , Newspaper, and magazine reporters all trying to get the scoop. Who was the father, would she marry him, how could this happen to a Governor's daughter, what did Sarah Palin think of her daughter's being pregnant?

To protect her daughter Palin scheduled a news conference and much to the murderous media's dismay told the world that the Palin family as a whole realized that Bristol made a mistake and that as her family they were going to stand by her and see her and the unborned child through this. Bristol Palin following her mother's lead stood up and told the world that she was wrong in what she did and encouraged the world's teens not to make the same mistake she made. Palin ask the her daughter and her boyfriend's privacy be respected as was the custom with candidates children, a custom for every other candidate but her. The request fell on deaf ears and was desimated and devestated by the press and this was only the beginning of sorrows.

You would think that, that would have been enough, and it probably would have been had it not been an election year and she had not been John MCCain's running mate. But, the Democrats saw this as an avenue to exploit and with the help of the liberal media at their disposal they went on an all out smear campaign. The assaults were ruthless, turning otherwise respectable,creditable, and professional news persons into hecklers childishly scorning palin for every misstep she made. Late night talk show host showed no mercy even attacking her down syndrome child.

The Late night comedy show "Saturday Night Live", created it's own version of Palin and depicted her in most senarios as a ditsy and brainless female. All the Major networks ABC,CBS,NBC and most of the cable networks with the exception of Fox News ran clips of the show using it as another Palin bashing oppertunity. Palin herself seemed not to be bothered by it and went on the show herself just to show them that she was a good sport.

Moving in for the kill

After the unwed mother attacks failed to deter Palin, then came "Trooper Gate." Trooper Gate was an investigation into allegations that Palin used her political clout as Governor to have her former brother in law,Mike Wooten fired from his Job with the Alaskan State Police. While Palin did fire Alaska's public safety commissioner Walt Monegan, she was found innocent of any wrong doing in the case. Innocent to everyone except the Democrats and the liberal media that is, the media went on feeding frenzy with the whole sorted situation. Even the media Icon Time Magazine, couldn't miss a chance take a swing at Palin calling her administration "immaturish."

So there the first Alaskan to run for Vice President was found innocent by the courts, but not by the press. Not by a long shot, the media was determined that they would not stop until they had extracted their proverbial pound of flesh. When McCain was defeated in the fall of 2008, it appeared that Palin would at last be left alone and once again breath a sigh of relief. The press however was far from finished with her. As soon as McCain conceded defeat the rumors began to fly that it was Palin and her inexperience that cost him the election. Then it was rumored that Palin would be given a post in the new Obama cabinet, all of which were bogus.

With their prey wounded and showing signs of weakening the pack moved in; having learned about Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston's break-up they focused in on young absent father. Levi was angry and his pride hurt so he jumped at the chance to get back and his former lover and her mother the Governor.

First Johnston went public after he and Bristol's wedding plans caved speculating that Palin Resigned as Governor because of Personal finances. This glimpse into the private life of a very public Palin was all it took before long the unemployed, teen father, was riding the talk show and late night circuits smearing the name of Palin as he went.

Levi Johnston is a 19 year old child spurned by his lover and rebuked by her mother. Of course he is angry, why shouldn't he throw a few digs at his lost love? After all he would be a fool to turn down a spot to show his best attributes in public, not to mention get paid a pretty penny for being short sighted and irresponsible. He like so many others is a man of opportunity, this is his time to shine and the media plans to milk it for all it's worth.

Notice that Johnston is always very careful never to reveal too much about the former Governor and her family(at least nothing that can be used against him in a civil suit). The media realizes that they have a valuable ally in Levi Johnston, he doesn't have to substantiate anything detrimental about Sarah Palin, he just needs to insinuate that there might be some defamation and the media will do the rest.

He that is without sin

It is a sad day in America when such a positive image is taken outside of the virtual city and stoned to death. Here is a woman who by her own merit made something of herself, her City and her State. Someone whom if given the oppertunity could have brought back some morals and ethics to her nation. A person whom managed to accomplish all this without the aid of drugs or alcohol, without sacrificing her family, and most of all without denying her faith in God and country.What did America give her in return? She was lead outside of the City of refuge and as her accusers gathered a young man named Obama held the coats of those who stoned her.


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    • profile image

      Rick v 8 years ago

      If you want to be in the spotlight and top of the house then you need to have a flawless record. Palin has too much dirt and misuse of power accusations pointing at her and that is ultimately her downfall. She is not treated differently than anyone else.

    • mpurcell10 profile image

      mpurcell10 8 years ago from Arkansas

      Great Hub!Thanks for sharing.

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 8 years ago from Georgia

      This is soooo true! Great job!

    • profile image

      Tammy Lochmann 8 years ago

      Hi neighbor. Great article,


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